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Difference between Hypertext and Hyperlink

Millions of web pages on the internet are linked to one another. The word hypertext and hyperlink are related to the internet and web pages, but the meanings differ. Hypertext is a text that refers to another text that users may rapidly access, and these are referred to as hyperlinks. A hyperlink refers to another document or a particular part of a document. The primary distinction between hypertext and hyperlink is that hypertext is a non-linear representation of data. When it is clicked, it transfers you to another website. In contrast, the hyperlink is the link that is incorporated in the hypertext to which the controller is transmitted.

In this article, you will learn about the difference between Hypertext and Hyperlink. But before discussing the differences, you must know about Hypertext and Hyperlink with their advantages and disadvantages.

What is Hypertext?

Hypertext refers to text elements that have links to access documents or blocks of text within the same document. Ted Nelson first introduced it in 1956. It was created to bring the concept of cross-referencing into the computer world, similar to what is made in books. Hypertexts permit users to go from one location to another using hyperlink. Using this way, users may access the data they need. Hypertext represents the connected textual data to provide greater flexibility in accessing data.

Moreover, hypermedia is an improved version of hypertext, but it is not limited to text. Some examples of multimedia elements are audio, images, animations, videos, etc. Generally, hypertexts assist in making websites more interactive.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hypertext

There are various advantages and disadvantages of hypertext. Some main advantages and disadvantages of hypertext are as follows:


  1. It enables freedom of speech by allowing everyone to view and express their thoughts on an already discussed topic on the internet.
  2. It allows for fast and easy access to data with minimal browsing.
  3. New data outside of the person's knowledge could be attached, like statistics or professional images of an event.


  1. Hypertext may present false information.
  2. The information can be untrustworthy that is provided by the hypertext.
  3. There needs to be added credibility for the original author. Only a piece of previous works is immediately linked, with no context. Users may only see the credibility if they go beyond the hypertext.

What is a Hyperlink?

The hyperlink includes the URL of the web pages. Generally, a hyperlink is referenced when a hypertext is navigated. These hyperlinks are hidden under the graphics, music, text, image, and video and are only visible when the mouse hovers over them. You may click the hypermedia to activate the hyperlink, which causes the new document to open. It creates the link between the knowledge units, generally known as the target document. The alternative names for the hyperlink are anchor or node.

Features of Hyperlink

There are various features of the hyperlink. Some main features of the hyperlink are as follows:

  1. It may include text, video, images, media, audio, graphics, and other elements.
  2. It is related to anchor tags ().
  3. The hyperlink-directed link may also include unrelated information.
  4. It is made up of URLs.

Key differences between Hypertext and Hyperlink

Difference between Hypertext and Hyperlink

Here, you will learn the various key differences between Hypertext and Hyperlink. Some main differences between Hypertext and Hyperlink are as follows:

  1. A hyperlink is a phrase, word, or image that may be found in an electronic document and, when clicked, opens a new document. In contrast, the non-linear text that has a hyperlink is known as hypertext.
  2. A text that links to other pieces of information is known as hypertext. In contrast, a hyperlink connects two pages and blocks information and data pieces.
  3. Hypertext only utilizes text that links to other documents or web components. In contrast, the hyperlink may also be embedded into the text, the picture, and other visuals.
  4. Hypertext leads to similar information. In contrast, a hyperlink may lead to related or unrelated material.
  5. When you click or hover on the hypertext, it gives information about the selected topic. In contrast, a hyperlink is a reference in a hypertext that navigates the user to another location.
  6. Hypertext is connected with the keywords. In contrast, the hyperlink is connected with the anchor text. The anchor text is visible text in a hyperlink that the user can click on.

Head-to-head comparison between Hyperlinks and Hypertext

Here, you will learn the head-to-head comparisons between Hyperlinks and Hypertext. The main differences between Hyperlinks and Hypertext are as follows:

Features Hyperlink Hypertext
Definition Hypertext is a text that contains references (hyperlinks) to other texts that may be accessed fast and easily by the user. The hyperlink is a reference in hypertext to an entire document or a particular section inside the same document.
Association It is connected with the anchor text. It is connected with the keywords.
Format It contains several media types, including graphics, text, images, audio, etc. It has only text with hyperlinks.
Usage It is a reference in a hypertext that navigates the user to another location. When you click or hover on the hypertext, it gives information about the selected topic.
Information Relevance It may lead to any material, related or unrelated. It directed information creates related information.


The World Wide Web is becoming a frequent part of our lives, and hypertext and hyperlink are significant components of the internet. People are frequently confused between these similar types of terms. Hypertext is the text that shows on the screen like regular words but connects different information, data, pages, etc. In contrast, a hyperlink is a link that is utilized in hypertexts to connect the data. Hyperlinks and hypertext phrases are distinct; however, they are related to one another.

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