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Hypocrisy Meaning

Hypocrisy is derived from the Greek word "hypocrisies," which means playing a part on the stage or putting on a mask to misrepresent reality. It means to create an appearance that does not explain one's motives. Hypocrisy is a form of deception. In ancient Greek theatres, actors were known as hypocrites without any negative connotations.

What is Hypocrisy?

Hypocrisy is an expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction. For example, pretending to possess certain characteristics which one does not possess. For example, hypocrite people say one thing but do another.

What kind of Hypocrisy is the Hippocratic Oath?

Roger Crisp and Christopher Cowen recognize four types of Hypocrisy: Affectation of good goodness, moral analysis of others by those having flaws of their own, inability to fulfill self-recognized good prerequisites, and a self-satisfied, unreflective obligation to ethics faked or lectured.

Types of Hypocrites

Hypocrites are divided into four types based on the consistency between their expressed and inward convictions:

  1. Honest external hypocrites: Their expressed convictions negate their activities. Notwithstanding, their expressed convictions are reliable with their genuine inside convictions. Accordingly, they are additionally legitimate inside fakers. They have solid feelings; however, they don't generally finish.
  2. Dishonest external hypocrites: Their expressed convictions negate their activities, and their expressed convictions are not reliable with their real convictions. They frequently have frail feelings, and it is workable for them to be non-double-dealing on an inward level.
  3. Honest inner hypocrites: Their inward convictions repudiate their activities. Their inward convictions stay steady despite their repudiating activities. They are straightforward with themselves and endeavor not to adjust their convictions around their cravings, activities, or flaws.
  4. Dishonest inner hypocrites: Expressed convictions are predictable with activities, yet real inside convictions are not. They are regularly accommodating people with feeble feelings.

Types of Non-Hypocrites

The non-hypocrites are divided into two categories:

  1. Redundant Rationalizers are non-hypocrites because their convictions and view of reality adjust to help their cravings and defects. They cannot be hypocrites because their convictions and impression of the truth are justifications for their activities and are without objectivity. When a condition of pietism emerges, repetitious rationalizers adjust their convictions around their activities to wipe out the logical inconsistency instead of adjusting their activities around their convictions.
  2. Committed Believers: Their activities never negate their convictions. They are committed to what they believe. Their convictions and view of the truth are not defences for their behaviour. Their convictions and impression of the truth are the aftereffects of either target rationale, dazzle confidence, or a mix of the two. Despite the wellspring of their convictions, their convictions and activities are without logical inconsistency.

What makes one be a genuine hypocrite?

It is divided into three general components:

  • Uncertainty of Beliefs: If you are not 100% sure of your belief, your action is unlikely to follow your beliefs most of the time. A conservative interpreter of reality is rarely 100% sure about anything. This uncertainty can lead to hypocrisy at times.
  • Animalistic Desires: These are inherent human desires that regularly cause one to follow what the flesh wants instead of what one accepts to be the right activity.
  • The trouble level of the conviction framework: If one's conviction norms of good and bad are higher than what is humanly conceivable, then, at that point, their activities are not going to be steady with their convictions.


It is best not to be hypocritical. However, it is good to be an honest hypocrite than an individual who attempts to misuse truth to adjust around their desire and imperfections.

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