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I'm gonna + (verb): Usage and Examples

I'm gonna + (verb) denotes I am going to, you can use while chatting, or sending text messages to friend. It cannot be used in business conversation.


" I'm gonna order a coffee. "
" I'm gonna watch the movie. "
" I'm gonna read a book. "
" I'm gonna buy a new car. "
" I'm gonna eat fruits. "
" I'm gonna learn English. "
" I'm gonna call my mom. "
" I'm gonna switch on the fan. "
" I'm gonna be an actor. "
" I'm gonna break the glass. "
" I'm gonna have dinner. "

Using "gonna go"

You can use gonna as a helping verb and go as main verb, for example:

" I'm gonna go to London tommorow. "
" I'm gonna go to the grocery store. "
" I'm gonna go to work. "

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