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What is the full form of IATA

IATA: International Air Transport Association

IATA stands for International Air Transport Association. It is a private organization (trade association) promoting cooperation among the world's scheduled airlines to ensure safe, secure, reliable and economical air services, i.e. it offers consulting services to the airline industry.

Around 275 airlines are associated with it. The services provided by IATA include fleet and sales planning, cargo security, capacity management, airport operations management, aviation security, airspace planning etc. Furthermore, it also offers revenue management and pricing, billing, financing, accounting, and currency clearance services.

IATA full form


It is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. It has its executive offices in Geneva Switzerland.


IATA was formed in April 1945 in Havana Cuba. It was the replacement of the International Air Traffic Association which was formed in 1919 at The Hague.

At starting IATA has 57 airlines from 31 countries but at present time there are almost 250 airlines are associated with it.

Goals of IATA

Following are the three main priorities of IATA.

1) Safety: Safety is main priority of IATA. It provides a safety instrument called IATA Operation Safety Audit (IOSA). It is also mandated at the state level by several countries. Aviation posts 2012 the safest year ever. In 2014, IATA set up a special panel to track aircraft in flight in real time.

2) Security: Security is a very important issue after the tragedy of 9/11. So, it follows a set of rules to ensure security.

3) Simplifying the Business: This program was launched in 2004. This initiative was introduced to facilitate the passengers, including electronic tickets, bar coded boarding pass, fast travel initiative and many other things.

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