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What is the full form of ICAR


ICAR stands for Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). It is an autonomous organization that reports to the Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE), Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. It was established on 16 July 1929 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and is headquartered in New Delhi, Delhi.

ICAR full form

It conducts coordinates, guides and manages research and education in the area of agriculture, horticulture, fisheries and animal sciences throughout the country. The 101 ICAR institutes and 71 agricultural universities of ICAR make it one of the largest national agricultural systems in the world.

It has made possible green revolution and subsequent developments in agriculture in India and thus enabled the nation to increase the production of foodgrains by 5 times, horticulture crops by 9.5 times, fish by 12.5 times, eggs by 39 times and milk by 7.8 times from 1951 to 2014. It has also contributed a lot in promoting excellence in higher education in agriculture.

ICAR has many Divisions and Units which are as follows:

  • Crop Science
  • Horticultural Science
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Animal Science
  • Fisheries Sciences
  • Agricultural Education
  • Knowledge Management etc


  • In 1957 introduced the first All-India Coordinated Research Project on Maize.
  • In 1958 the status of deemed university was accorded to IARI.
  • In 1966 established different agricultural institutes under the purview of ICAR in 1966.
  • Establishment of Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE) in 1973
  • Opened first Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) at Puducherry in 1974
  • In 1975, Agricultural Research Service and Agricultural Scientist's Recruitment Board was established.
  • In 1979, Introduced Lab-to-Land Programme and the National Agricultural Research Project (NARP)
  • In 1995, initiated Institution-Village Linkage Programme (IVLP).
  • In 1996, established National Gene Bank at New Delhi.
  • In 1989 ICAR was awarded with the King Baudouin Award for its significant contribution in the Green Revolution.
  • In 2004, it was again awarded with the King Baudouin Award for the research and development.
  • In 1998, introduced National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP).
  • In 2005, introduced National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP).
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