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What is the full form of ICRA

ICRA: Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency

ICRA stands for Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency. ICRA Limited was formerly known as the Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency. It was established in 1991 by leading financial institutions, commercial banks, and financial services companies as independent and professional investment information and credit rating agency.

ICRA Full Form

ICRA, including its subsidiaries, form the ICRA Group of Companies (Group ICRA). It is a public limited company, and its shares are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange.

Today it is one of the most experienced Credit Rating Agencies in the country. It rates rupee-denominated debt instruments issued by commercial banks, financial institutions, manufacturing companies, and public sector undertakings, and more.

Furthermore, it has an alliance with Moody's Investors Service. The international Credit Rating Agency (Moody's Investor Service) is one of the largest shareholders of ICRA.

ICRA Services:

  • To provide information and guidance to institutional and individual investors or creditors
  • To improve the ability of borrowers/issuers to access the money market to tap a large volume of resources
  • To assist the regulatory bodies in promoting transparency in the financial markets
  • To provide intermediaries with tools developed to improve the efficiency of the fund-raising processes

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