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What is the full form of ICT

ICT: Information and Communications Technology

ICT stands for Information and Communications Technology. It is an umbrella term that refers to technological tools and resources (communication devices and applications) used to handle network based control and monitoring, telecommunications, audiovisual processing and transmission systems, intelligent building management systems, broadcast media and so on. It includes any product that stores, retrieves and manages the digital data like computers, mobile phones, robots, etc.

ICT cannot be defined in a particular way as the methods and applications involved in ICT are evolving day by day.

ICT full form

Significance of ICT

ICT has become a basic need for today's society. Business organizations use ICT in many ways, for example, to increase productivity, bring customers, boost up their resources, etc. ICT applications add some intelligent or smart features to the existing technologies.

ICT industry has direct as well as indirect influence on economic growth. Modern communication network can be used to increase the advertisement and growth of the enterprise. Many industrial services depend on ICT directly or indirectly.

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