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What is the Full Form of IDP

IDP: International Driving Permit

IDP stands for International Driving Permit. It is also known as International Driving Licence (IDL). IDP is a recognized travel document for travellers visiting other nations and is approved by the United Nations. It is an official translation of the driving licence originally issued to them in their nation. The document certifies that they hold a valid driver's licence and provides translations of the licensing paperwork into various languages so that foreign authorities can check and recognize the driving qualifications of the corresponding individual.

IDP Full Form

In addition to English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian, the document is also printed in German, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and Scandinavian languages.

This makes it possible for officials in those nations to comprehend foreigners' driver's licences. This is crucial because it will demonstrate their driving credentials in the event of any mishap.

An IDP typically lasts for a year from the day when it is issued or until the driving licence expires, whatever comes first.

Advantages of IDP

It has several benefits, some of which are stated below:

  • It enables one to operate a vehicle in a foreign nation because the IDP is recognized as valid proof of their home country's driver's licence and demonstrates driving abilities.
  • If the original driver's licence language is not the same as that of the destination country, the IDP can be helpful. Authorities in such nations will find it simpler to confirm the information with IDP.
  • It could be used as identification documentation in the local language.
  • No further driving exams: If one has an IDP, the countries they travel to will not require them to take any extra driving tests.
  • Wide acceptance: The IDP is recognized by the more than 150 nations that have signed the agreement. The IDP is also recognized as a legitimate document inside the borders of certain nations that are not signatories.
  • If one doesn't have an IDP, he/she won't be able to rent a vehicle in some countries he/she is travelling to.
  • To cover drivers of vehicles being driven abroad, insurance firms also require an IDP to provide assistance as per the specified rules.

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