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'IIT Krishnamurthy' Review


The story of 'IIT Krishnamurthy' centers on Krishnamurthy, a student at IIT Mumbai who serves as the movie's protagonist and travels to Hyderabad to look for his missing uncle. He is ready to turn over every stone because there are many signs that his uncle is dead. He is confronted by some forces who threaten him and the ACP not to move with the case further when he requests them for assistance in this aimless hunt. Who is concerned? Is his uncle still alive someplace, or is he killed? Who are these unflinching authorities? Covers the remaining part.

Cast and Crew

In the movie, Prudhvi Dandamudi plays the role of Krishnamurthy, Vinay Varma plays ACP Vinay Varma, Maira Doshi plays the role of Jahnavi (leading lady), Anand Bharathi as Srinivasa Rao (Krishna's Uncle), they are in lead roles. While portraying the role of Mahesh Babu, Alok Jain as MD; Swaminathan, Vinod Nuvvula as Siddharth, and Pravallika Reddy as Vidhya are some of the other supporting actors. The movie was produced by Prasad Nekuri and directed by Sreevardhan.


The movie starts with ACP Vinay Varma with a constable doing the formality of a dead body that died a month before. At this point, an IIT Bombay student, Krishnamurthy, arrives in Hyderabad after learning that his uncle has gone missing, and here he lives in Mahesh Babu's house. He then sets posters everywhere of his lost uncle and reaches the police station to lodge a missing complaint; first, ACP denies belief in Krishna's missing story but, at last, takes the complaint. Besides this case, we also witness a love story between Krishnamurthy and his college friend Jahnavi.

'IIT Krishnamurthy' Review

ACP fits a police officer behind Krishnamurthy to find out whether his uncle is missing or not. After an assurance, ACP again called Krishna to identify some items of a dead body that they had received a month before, and Krishnamurthy recognized all items belonged to his uncle. Now he asks ACP to find out the real cause of his uncle's death as it could not be a natural death.

'IIT Krishnamurthy' Review

The following day Krishnamurthy informs Vinay Varma about his getting numerous threatening calls to stop investigating this case. Soon he suspects that it is a planned murder case and starts investigating the case. Krishnamurthy gets attacked by two goons but, fortunately, gets saved; again, the same goons try to kill him, and this time they are caught and arrested by ACP. After interrogating them, ACP finds out that a man named Kiran, who works in the Rajnath group of companies, sent these people to kill Krishnamurthy.

'IIT Krishnamurthy' Review

With the visiting card that the goons have with them, ACP calls Kiran to the police station, where it is revealed that Kiran is the P.A. of MD Swaminathan of Rajnath group company, but shockingly, the goons deny that Kiran is not the person who asked them to kill Krishnamurthy. On the other hand, the auditor of the company meets Krishnamurthy and asks him to withdraw the case. Then suspicion deepens on the auditor, and ACP also arrests and interrogates him, but it results in his being free from arrest.

'IIT Krishnamurthy' Review

In spite of the auditor's release, officers repeatedly disturbed him and again interrogated him. Then he reveals the truth that he is not involved in this murder case, but his company once implicated a person named Srinivasa Rao in a fraud case for which he is in jail now.

The scene shifts to the past, and it is shown that Srinivasa Rao runs a school for which he visits renowned companies to collect funds. He often visited the Rajnath group of companies, but MD Swaminathan did not bother him. MD Swaminathan was actually associated with fraud, and the IT department seized around 150 crores from Swaminathan's home, which was black money.

Then to be proven innocent auditor gave the idea of individual finance to Swaminathan, where if the company needed it, they could take a loan from any individual rather than a bank. Swaminathan, with the auditor, tricked Rao into signing that he was the individual financer who gave that 150 crores to the company. In this way, Srinivasa Rao was accused of being the main suspect of fraud and got jailed. Now ACP Vinay Varma freed Srinivasa Rao from jail and arrested MD Swaminathan.

In the climax scene, it is revealed that Srinivasa Rao is actually Krishnamurthy's uncle who was in jail instead of being innocent. Krishna was an orphan child, and his uncle raised him. It has been all planned by Krishnamurthy, including threat calls and attacks to find out the real facts and to free his uncle from jail.

'IIT Krishnamurthy' Review


'IIT Krishnamurthy' was not written badly. Yes, the narrative is eventually revealed, but as an effective thriller, the movie still manages to keep the spectators engaged without giving away too much in the midst of the activities! But if you study the plot more closely, you'll notice that it could have been perfectly summarised in an hour or more and that the movie takes a few points that are obvious to spot.

The suspense element that is presented at the end has been handled properly and is generally reasonable. It is effective how the pre-climax's crucial sequences serve to build suspense. Satya, a comedian, performs admirably in his limited capacity. Vinay Varma, a theatre performer, obtains a significant role and excels as a cop. He is the centerpiece of the movie and keeps getting better.

Along with the cop setup, all of the investigation sequences are well-represented. The plot seems solid and has an unexpected twist toward the end. Even while the premise of any thriller movie eventually becomes obvious, a strong thriller will still be able to keep the viewers engaged without giving away a lot of the plot. IIT Krishnamurthy does this, and the writer Nagarjuna Manapaka and the director Sreevardhan deserve a lot of credit for it.

Negative Aspects

The movie's protagonist has respectable looks. The pleasant remarks about him, though, stop here. He lacks the on-screen charisma necessary to convey the heroic aura that comes naturally to a hero. His hunched shoulders and lack of confidence are disruptive to the conversation. He often found it difficult to even express emotion.

Whenever we begin examining a director's body of work, we observe two things: execution and intent. The intention is to choose a worthwhile topic, and the execution is all about telling the story in a way that will appeal to the audience. The film is divided into the first 95 minutes and the final 15 minutes. The legal case involving Krishnamurthy's uncle and the subsequent events take up the entire 95 minutes. The narrative gets off to a disappointing start. Because the hero has trouble explaining the purpose, we are unable to relate to the events. The hero-heroine track should be ruthlessly chopped because it is completely unnecessary. There are countless sequences that lack even the most basic logic.

The police make no inquiry into the missing person's biography. The heroine appears out of nowhere and makes no attempt to discover why Krishnamurthy travels to Hyderabad or what he does there. On those lines, there is a long series of errors. Things pick up a little in the second half. Things appear to be moving in the sense that the narrative is progressing.

The majority of the investigation that is presented in this movie is only cursory. Investigative procedures must be precise, yet what is offered here has some obvious flaws. The ACP seems to think and do exactly as a major character wants him to. However, this never happens in realistic situations.

A corporate executive villain is a caricature. This is unusual for a movie that has been marketed as a corporate crime thriller. Given the hero's mental state, the romantic track (with Prudhvi and Meira Doshi) may have been soulful. It falls apart when unwanted songs and strange conversations interrupt.

Technical Aspects

The camera work and production qualities of the movie are both impressive. Music merely disrupts the flow because it is uninteresting. Along with the cop setup, all of the investigating scenes are presented effectively. The production design and dialogues are both good.

Sreevardhan, the director, has an enchanting story idea, but he could have made better artistic choices. His narrative has no hold on this. His plot seems solid on paper and has a clever twist. However, this shows that the writer has a suspenseful screenplay, and the presentation of that is where the movie fails.

Public Review Rating: 2/5

Times of India: 3/5

IMDb: 5.9/10


'IIT Krishnamurthy' seems to be a drama or perhaps a comedy, but this film turns out to be a thriller that, while not exceptional, has all the traits that a decent film in this genre needs. Despite the difficulties, it is satisfying when all the strands are separated towards the end.

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