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What is the full form of IL&FS

IL&;FS: Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services

IL&FS stands for Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services. It is a leading infrastructure development and finance company in India. It aims to play a major role in the growth of country by developing innovative world-class infrastructure and providing value-added financial services. It was established in 1987, promoted by the Central Bank of India (CBI), Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) and Unit Trust of India (UTI). As of October 2017, Ravi Parthasarathy is the Chairman of IL&FS.

Fullform ILFS

As of 2011, it has around 250 group companies to provide services in different sectors. Some of these sectors and the respective companies are as follows:

Infrastructure Services:

  • IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited
  • IL&FS Transportation Networks Limited: Responsible for the development and implementation of surface transport projects like highways, flyovers, bridges etc.
  • IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure & Services Limited
  • IL&FS Education and Technology Services Limited for education infrastructure development
  • Noida Toll Bridge Company Limited (an SPV established to construct, develop, operate and maintain the DND Flyway to connect Noida with Delhi.

Financial Services:

  • IL&FS Financial Services Limited: The Investment Banking Arm of IL&FS
  • IL&FS Investment Managers Limited
  • ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Limited
  • IL&FS Trust Company Limited (ITCL)

Technology Services:

  • IL&FS Technology Ltd.


IL&FS has completed various projects in different sectors like transportation, e-governance, power, finance, water, education, urban infrastructure etc. some of its popular projects are as follows:

  • Helped in implementing world's largest CDM power project in the North East.
  • India's first large-scale PPP water supply project and the world?s largest ZLD system.
  • K-Yan: A portable multimedia device to facilitate community-learning particularly in rural India.
  • India's longest and safest road tunnel along the Jammu-Srinagar highway.
  • Helped restore a 300-year old water palace (Jal Mahal) in Rajasthan.


  • Medical Care in Cuddalore through static clinic and mobile medical unit.
  • Provides Industrial Stitching Training to women.
  • Helping women farmers in J&K through improved seeds, playhouses, drip irrigation system etc.
  • Supporting hill agriculture through modern techniques like drip irrigation, vermicomposting, tray nurseries and plastic mulching etc.
  • Installed solar lights in villages in the Himalayas in the catchment areas of its projects.
  • Launched Digital Duniya project for the students of rural communities in the catchment areas of its project to bridge the digital gap between rural and urban students.

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