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What is the full form of IMDb

IMDb: Internet Movie Database

IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database. It is an online database of information related to movies, televisions shows, actors, directors, biographies, plot summaries, reviews, video games, and related information. The information stored on IMDb comes from different sources such as filmmakers, film studios, and other official sources. However, most of the information is provided by IMDb users themselves.

IMDb Full Form

IMDb checks the information before it is saved in the database. However, the website also allows users to report mistakes so that they can be fixed and the accuracy of the data could be maintained.

IMDb was first published on 17 October 1990 by Col Needham, in the form a group of scripts and as a place to share information related to movies. Later it became a website after it registered for a domain on 5 January 1996 and became a popular online platform to find information related to movies. In 1998, Internet Movie Database Ltd. became a subsidiary of Amazon, which also uses it for the advertisement of its movies and DVDs which it sells on its main website.

Today it is one of the most popular online entertainment destinations, with over 100 million unique users each month. As of May 2019, IMDb has over 6 million titles and around 10 million personalities in its database and around 75 million registered users.

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