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What is the full form of IMO

1) IMO: In My Opinion

IMO Full Form

IMO stands for In My Opinion. It is one of the commonly used internet slangs by users during online chatting and in emails, and text messages. It is also used in less formal business correspondence or emails for the shortened quoting of "In My Opinion." This show that this not someone else's opinion, it is yours.


Peter: IMO, We should do it.

Riya: IMO, We should go to a movie.

2) IMO: International Maritime Organization

IMO stands for International Maritime Organization. Formerly, it was known as the Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO). It is the specialized agency of the United Nations which aims to improve maritime safety and prevent marine and atmospheric pollution caused by ships. It is responsible for the safety, security, and environmental performance of international shipping. IMO was established through a convention adopted in Geneva in 1948. It came into effect in 1958 and is based in the United Kingdom. As of 2017, it has 172 states and three associate members.

IMO Full Form

The slogan of IMO: "Safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans."

The need for IMO:

Shipping is an international industry. It can work smoothly when the regulations and standards are implemented, adopted, and agreed on a global basis. IMO is the forum that deals with these procedures and ensures safe, secure, and efficient international shipping industry by providing a regulatory framework. This framework is fair, effective, and universally adopted and implemented. The IMO makes policies related to international shipping, encouraging shippers for safety, security and environmental performance, innovation, and efficiency.

IMO has provided a platform to member states, civil society, and the shipping industry to work together in order to contribute towards a green economy and growth in a sustainable manner. IMO guidelines cover all aspects of international shipping such as ship design, construction, equipment, operations, disposal, including safe, secure, and energy-efficient international shipping. The promotion of sustainable shipping and maritime development is one of the major priorities of IMO in the next few years.

Organization Structure:

The organization comprises an Assembly, a Council, and five main Committees. The Assembly is the highest Governing Body of the Organization. It elects the council, which supervises the work of the organization. The governing body of IMO comprises 172 member states, which meet every two years.

This organization also deals with legal issues related to international shipping, such as liability and compensation matters, and facilitates international maritime traffic. Although IMO adopts the policy, it does not enforce it. It is when governments accept an IMO convention, it makes these policies national law and enforce it.

Furthermore, IMO has also developed an audit program that made audits necessary. There is no penalty or countermeasure if a country is not enforcing the policies set by the IMO. However, the IMO provides feedback, suggestions on a country's current performance.

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