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Importance of Ethical hacking

Hacking is important for several purposes. Consider the below points:

  • In the existing industry, there are many jobs for ethical hacking. In the organization, to test the security systems, ethical hacking is really useful. Ethical hacking ensures that all the systems are secure and not vulnerable to black hat hackers. These days, there are a lot of hacking attacks. That's why the demand for ethical hackers is huge.
  • We hear that attackers are hacked the big companies and big systems. Sometimes ago, a hacker hacked the Uber website. Due to this, the important information of around 50 million users was exposed. Many big companies like Google, Yahoo, Instagram, Facebook, Uber, they hire hackers. The hackers try to hack their systems. After hacking the system, they tell all the places where they found the weakness so that the company can fix it. Many companies also perform bug bounty programs. In this program, all the hackers around the world try to hack the website or web of that company. If the hacker finds any bug, the company will pay them a reward for the bug.
  • Ethical hacking is used to secure important data from enemies. It works as a safeguard of your computer from blackmail by the people who want to exploit the vulnerability. Using ethical hacking, a company or organization can find out security vulnerability and risks.
  • Governments use State-sponsored hacking to prevent intelligence information about influence politics, an enemy state, etc. Ethical hacking can ensure the safety of the nation by preventing cyber-terrorism and terrorist attacks.
  • Hackers can think from an attacker's perspective and find the potential entry point and fix them before any attacks.
  • Ethical hacking helps us learn new skills used in many roles like software developer, risk management, quality assurance tester, and network defender.
  • In a company, the trained ethical hackers are the main strength. To ensure the functions of software aptly, ethical hackers can apply quick security tests under extreme and standard conditions.
  • Ethical hackers develop many tools and methods and quality assurance tester to eliminate all the system's vulnerabilities.
  • In an organization, ethical hacking can identify the weakness of your software security. Using the hacker's perspective, you can look at your security and fix any anomalies before making a problem in the company's success.

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