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Importance of Games and Sports Essay

In contemporary times, games and sports have become an essential part of our life. There is a new type of euphoria there regarding fitness, both mental as well physical fitness. Mental and Physical fitness are two tracks running parallel to each other. They complement each other. They both play a significant role in giving shape to our minds and body.

Talking about sports, it has a very divine place in our tradition and culture. Even our gods used to play games like chess with the princess. In Mahabharata, it has been discussed at great length and its uses in warfare. Recently held Commonwealth games at Birmingham, United Kingdom, India has won 22 gold medals, 16 Silver, and 23 Bronze medals, taking the tally to 61. India has stood at number 4 in terms of receiving the total number of medals at the Commonwealth Games, Birmingham.

It shows that our youth are keen to take sports to a great height and hoping to bring many more laurels to our nation. Sports and Games have enriched our culture and tradition and have made us more mature as a society. If we look at games and sports through a narrow prism of fitness, it would be foolishness on our part. Now, the sport is not limited to fitness; it has crossed boundaries. Its reach is unimaginable, unthinkable and unbelievable. It can influence our lifestyle.


Importance of Games and Sports Essay

Games are mindful and creative imagination of the human being in which activity is created containing entertaining elements. It tries to test and explore people's abilities and skill sets. It also allows people to find solutions in different ways and instils the feeling of competitiveness. It can strengthen the mind and body of the individual. Games like swimming, cycling, chess, and ludo are designed such that it helps in making a quick decision and sharpens our thinking skills.

Benefits of Games in Individual's Life

  • Energy and Building: It helps properly channel our body's mental and physical energy. It makes our minds more active, positive and strong. It provides us with a lot of inspiration and energy for our bodies.
  • Confidence-building measures: It acts as a morale booster when we perform and excel in some activity. It also improves body posture, enhances our self-esteem, and it helps in making more determined and confident.
  • Competition: It significantly boosts the nature of competitiveness of an individual and generates the feeling strong, healthy and fair spirit of competition.
  • Discipline: Children become more disciplined, patient and active. It also teaches values like teamwork, cooperation and team spirit.

It significantly impacts the student's life and provides an atmosphere where the child develops their skill and nurtures their talent. It is perfectly said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.


Sport can unite a mind and inculcate a feeling of sportsmanship. Oxford defines the sport as "an activity involving physical effort and skill in which a person or team competes against another". To excel in sports, a player requires discipline, devotion, hard work and much more.

Sport and its Current Form

Importance of Games and Sports Essay

Earlier, in India, sports and games had not gotten much recognition; parents were least reluctant that their child should take up sports as a career. Now, the present scenario has changed, improving at a good speed. There has been a change in the mindset of the parent. Parents are now encouraging their children to take sports as a career. With a change in time, the scope of sports has increased globally. Now it has become commercially more feasible and viable. Earlier, there were few sponsors, and the support from the Government was limited.

Due to enhancements in technology, and live telecasts of matches on the internet and television, there has been a substantial increase in the number of sponsors. It has also helped players to promote a particular brand and to maximize its popularity as well. It has allowed the players to earn from these brands and maximize their wealth. These things have made sports more lucrative and profitable.

Some of the sports which are immensely popular in India are Cricket, Hockey, Football, and Kabbadi. It is believed Cricket is next to the religion in India, and everybody watches and enjoys it. Cricketers are very high in India, and everybody tries to imitate them on the field. Now, the discussion on Cricket becomes incomplete without mentioning Indian Premier League (IPL). IPL is one of the most watched cricket tournaments in India. During the IPL matches, most Indians are glued to the television and mobile phone to watch IPL.

Now, with changing times, other sports have also started dominating and capturing people's imagination. Some emerging sports are hockey, football, tennis, badminton and kabaddi. They are also gaining importance day by day in India. We have well representation at the international level and have performed exceedingly well at international forums like the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. We have succeeded in bringing a medal to our home. Some of the stars who have already cemented their position are Saina Nehwal (Indian Badminton Player), PV Sindhu (Indian Badminton Player), Sonu Narwal (Kabaddi Player), and Sunil Chhetri (Indian Football Player).

Without support from the Government, the sport will not flourish, and the talented and hardworking players will not come out and bring a medal for our country. To promote sports at the grass-root level, the Government should systematically approach and weed out the problems hindering the process.

Importance of Sports

Importance of Games and Sports Essay

Physical Health Benefits

Sport has a significant effect on a personal health. Sport can ignite minds and the power to unite. It has brought people and societies more. It teaches the feeling of teamwork, and it is a gateway to mental and physical wellness. It has an immense effect on the physical health of a body and a person's daily life. It helps reduce blood pressure and stress levels, reduce the risk of diabetes, and improve heart function. Some of the listed physical health benefits are:

  • Reducing hypertension: High blood pressure or hypertension is a serious health risk that could lead to heart-related problems or stroke. Involved in different sports activities helps in keeping blood pressure normal. Almost all sports have a basic requirement like stretching, running and other physical activities. Performing these activities will keep your heart stronger, and it decreases the force on the arteries; in turn, it reduces blood pressure. Taking part in sports will immensely benefit your blood pressure levels.
  • Improves blood circulation levels: Active sports participation enhances haemoglobin and blood volume. When you participate in sports activities, your hearts pump faster and exert additional force on your muscles. Additional force helps in strengthening heart muscles and improving blood flow.
  • Reduces Obesity: It is one of the major benefits of sports. It controls the weight. An unhealthy lifestyle and a sedentary job are major causes of obesity. People with high obesity are at great risk of heart disease and hypertension. Cardiac arrests are common in obese people. If obese people actively participate intense physical exercise, they will burn calories and ultimately the reducing the weight which they have gained. It also helps maintain a good physique and protects you from other diseases due to obesity. Choosing the right physical activity and maintaining a good diet is key to achieving a good physique.
  • Boosting Immunity: You must be curious to know how physical activities boost a person's immunity. White blood cells are the primary cells which fight foreign diseases. Doing regular exercise and playing daily sports helps in regulating white blood cells. Performing intense to moderate physical activities helps improve blood circulation; in turn, it boosts the immunity mechanism of our body. Regular movement of the body and playing sports helps in combating pathogens. Due to this, stronger immunity is one of the visible benefits of sports.
  • Bone Strength: Participating in physical activity or sports provides an opportunity for a body to put an immense degree of strength movements. Placing more stress on the bones helps increase bone strength and density. It allows bones to adjust to the condition of high pressure and become denser.

Mental Benefits of Sports

  • Lightens the Mood: Sports that require intense focus help you keep other tension and stress. Our brain also gets triggered by chemicals that soothe our bodies, making us feel relaxed and happy. Thus, it helps in enlightening our mood.
  • Reduce Stress Levels: Now, it has become common that a significant number of people go to get treatment for stress-related problems. Regular playing of sports allows releasing a special type of chemical called Endorphins, which helps reduce stress levels and pain. Apart from that, it also helps in lowering adrenaline, cortisol and stress hormones. Research and studies have suggested that performing 20-35 minutes of exercise allows the individual's mind to calm, which stays for a long time after the exercise.
  • Fights Depression: One of the sport's major achievements is fighting depression. Several studies have come to support that Sports and rigorous physical activities help in combating the feeling of depression. Even light sports and physical performance act as anti-depressant treatments.
  • Enhance People's Self-Confidence: It is generally seen that playing sports helps boost people's confidence by developing new skill sets and strengths.

Government's Approach

Importance of Games and Sports Essay
  • Under the Khelo India scheme, players identified and enrolled under the plan are provided annual monetary assistance of INR 6.28 lakh/athlete/annum.
  • 1000 Khelo India Centres have been proposed throughout the country in 360 Khelo India Centres have already been notified.
  • As Sports is a state subject, the onus lies on the state government for the development and promotion of sports.
  • Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has come up with a plan to take sports in the nation, including backward, tribal and rural areas and following are the schemes:
    1. Assistance to National Sports Federations
    2. Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay National Welfare Fund
    3. Pensions to Meritorious Sports Persons
    4. National Sports Development Fund
    5. Special Awards to Winners in International sports events and their coaches
    6. Running Sports Training Centres via Sports Authority of India
    7. Khelo India Scheme
  • The Government, in its press release, has said that a large number of sportspersons have benefitted from this scheme, and most of the beneficiaries are from women, rural, backward and tribal populations. Government-run sports centres provide them regular training on a Residential and Non- Residential basis as per established norms of the schemes.
  • The Government has started a talent search at the ground level under the mandate of the Khelo India scheme, and they have categorized at two levels:
    • Proven talent Identification
    • Sports potential talent identification

The Government of India has divided India into 5 zones: North, South, East, West and North-East. Young and emerging talents would be identified from the zones. Grassroot Zonal Talent Identification Committees have been set up to reach out to potential and proven athletes from each and every corner of the country. For Talent Identification, 20 sports discipline has been chosen in which nation has the advantage/potential to excel at the international forum.

Under the framework of the Khelo India scheme, "Talent Search and Vertical Development" has been initiated in which athletes would be identified and selected. The selected candidates are entitled to get 6.28 lakh INR/athlete/annum. Apart from monetary benefits, they are also entitled to get facilities like equipment, consumables insurance charges, sports science support, coaching, diet, etc. Those Khelo India centres which are present at the district level in several States and Union territories are entitled to get Rs 5 lakh/discipline as a one-time grant and Rs 5 lakh/ discipline as a recurring grant under the Khelo India scheme.


The importance of games and sports is immense and positively affects our bodies. Experts and sports scientists in this field think it should be promoted at the grassroots level. The world fought the COVID-19 pandemic with braveness and sheer strength in lockdown. The whole world had come to a standstill, and people were looking for an alternative to escape this mental agony. Sports, Yoga and physical activities came to rescue from the mental pain, and the result is visible to the world.

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