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iMyFone AnyRecover: Perfect for All Your Data Recovery Needs

iMyFone AnyRecover provides a complete solution to your lost data. It is available on Mac and Windows operating systems. It recovers data from various devices like Hard drives, Universal Serial Bus (USB) Flash drives, SD cards, SSD, HDDs, Digital Cameras, and other electronic devices. It supports 1000+ types of files to recover. Some file formats include images, videos, Microsoft Office documents, archives, zip, and more. You can quickly restore your lost data using iMyFone AnyRecover.

How to Download iMyFone AnyRecover on Windows?

To download iMyFone AnyRecover software, you need a laptop or PC and an internet connection. You can easily download iMyFone AnyRecover from the official product page of the software. The link for the official page is [Official] AnyRecover - Data Recovery Software Free Download. You can free download it or click on buy now to purchase plans. Prices are displayed on the website for monthly and lifetime subscriptions. For a clear concept, you are requested to visit the official page through the link given above.

Why do We Need iMyFone AnyRecover

This modern and extra-advanced world cannot live without technology. Technology is leading the world today, irrespective of the place. As technology advances, more and more data is collected on the servers. This data comes from us. We use social media and other tools for our entertainment and convenience, and in return, companies or Social-Media take our data from us. This data can include basic information like where we live, our profession, date of birth, name, address, etc. We also store data on our phones and laptops regarding media (photo, video, and audio) and documents. Loss of this data can result in a considerable loss. For Example, if you are an employee in a private corporation. And you need to present a presentation to your boss. But the next day, you come to know that your presentation, which you have made with a lot of effort, was accidentally deleted or damaged due to some virus. Now, you need more time to make a new presentation. Data recovery software like iMyFone AnyRecover can help you in this situation. And this is why we need iMyFone AnyRecover.

About iMyFone AnyRecover

iMyFone AnyRecover is a data recovery software developed by iMyFone Technology Co., Ltd. The software allows us to restore and retrieve deleted files on our system. This app is so easy to use, and even a beginner can use this app to restore lost and deleted files. It can restore data from any rewritable storage medium like Hard Disk, Pen Drive, etc. When you delete a file, it is stored on the Hard Drive, but we cannot see it. iMyFone AnyRecover uses advanced algorithms to search for the deleted file in the Hard Drive and gets it back. This software consists of a neat and clean User Interface (UI), making the app attractive and easy to manage.

You can restore your files by following three significant and easy steps:

  1. Select:Download and install the AnyRecover app in your system. After installation and giving it access permission, launch it on the system. Now, select a location from where you want to restore the deleted files.
  2. Scan: The app will start its all-round and deep scan using advanced algorithms and search for the deleted file on the location. It will scan the files in one of the sections of the Hard Drive where the Operating system stores all these files.
  3. Preview and Restore:The app will open a new window to display a file list. You can double-click on a file to preview, select it, and then press the restore button to restore the file. The app will restore the file and save it to the selected location.

Detailed List of Steps That Must be Followed to Retrieve Deleted Files

  1. Click on start, then go to iMyFone AnyRecover, left click on the icon to open it.
  2. A UI window will appear that contains several options. Everything is available at a glance on this window. It contains common areas for searching, like my documents, recycle bin, desktop, etc.
  3. It also contains a list of hard disk drives in the system with partitions names like Drive C, Drive D, Drive E, etc. Then it has external removable devices like CD (Compact Disk), Pen Drive, Sd cards, SSD, Camera, etc.
  4. iMyFone AnyRecover gives you the facility to recover your files from crashes. It has a computer crash recovery icon. You can restore deleted files from the trash bin by clicking the icon.
  5. You can also recover from virtual drives or mention the location.
  6. After selecting a location, click the start button, and scanning will start in the selected folder. After minutes of scan, it shows up the deleted files in the folder. You can abort complete scanning if you find your desired file between the scans. Once the scan is done, it pops up a window displaying a message of complete scan. In case you do not get your missing file, try rescanning.
  7. Click on the OK button and preview the scanned file if the preview is available.
  8. Now, click the Recover button to recover the file and select a specific location for the file to be stored.
  9. iMyFone AnyRecover will recover the selected file at the selected location and displays the message "your file recovery completed."
  10. Congratulations, your file is restored.

This is how simple it is to recover the file using iMyFone AnyRecover.

Virtual Drives

Virtual drives are software that acts as a physical storage device to store data. They are highly used to store large amounts of data. There is only one difference between virtual drives and physical drives, and it is their physical existence.

iMyFone AnyRecover: Perfect for All Your Data Recovery Needs


  1. Fast:iMyFone AnyRecover performs a fast scan and search on the Hard Disk. It uses advanced and fast algorithms to search for deleted files in the system and display them to the user.
  2. Reliable:iMyFone AnyRecover is reliable software that performs a trusty scan. As the company says, it does not harm the system, so that you can perform a worriless search.
  3. Simple:iMyFone AnyRecover contains simple steps that the user must follow to retrieve deleted files. It is simple, and even a novice can easily use it.
  4. Selective Recovery:iMyFone AnyRecover allows users to selectively recover specific files or folders instead of restoring the entire disk. This feature can save time and storage space by focusing on recovering only the desired data.


  1. Risk to Privacy:While scanning the files around the system iMyFone AnyRecover has direct access to all your files and locations. This access can be misused to collect the user's private data and use it elsewhere. For Example, if a person is willing to restore one of the bank documents containing private data. Permitting any third-party app for this document will always be risky.
  2. Deduction in the Quality of the File:Once a file is deleted, its original quality cannot be restored. You can restore the complete file but cannot regain its quality. For Example, if you have deleted an HD (High Definition) image and now think of restoring it. After restoration, it will lose its quality.
  3. Malicious Files Also Get Retrieved:For Example, if you deleted a malicious file that destroyed your system. With the scan through iMyFone AnyRecover, this file will also return and again cause harm to the system.


iMyFone AnyRecover is a popular software used to restore deleted files on the computer. It can restore files of all file formats, even from crashes. iMyFone AnyRecover is a reliable, fast, easy-to-use software with a user-friendly interface. This UI allows users to understand the application quickly and makes it attractive. You can easily download iMyFone AnyRecover from the official product page of the software with reasonable pricing and subscription packs.

iMyFone AnyRecover is an advantageous app, yet it has some disadvantages too, like, the risk to privacy, quality deduction, and fear of viruses. You can prefer this software over any other app because of its several plus points. It recovers data from devices like Hard Drive, Universal Serial Bus (USB) Flash Drive, SD cards, SSD, HDDs, Digital Cameras, and other electronic devices. The restoration of a file is completed in three easy steps. They select the file, scan it, and preview and restoration of the file to the selected location. It is important to note that while iMyFone AnyRecover is a popular data recovery tool, the effectiveness of data recovery can vary depending on various factors, such as the specific data loss scenario, the condition of the storage device, and the actions taken after data loss.

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