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India of My Dreams Essay

Everyone in this world has a vision or a hope for their future, and I am no different. However, my dream is not for my future but for my nation's future. India is a nation that is diverse and rich in many different kinds of cultures. It is a huge nation where individuals from many castes, creeds, cultures, religions, and even linguistic groups coexist. For this reason, India is renowned for being one of the greatest nations in the world at embracing diversity and togetherness.

My nation, where agriculture is the foundation and leads the GDP forward, makes me proud. I'm happy to call my country home because it has fertile soil with the right minerals to support and advance farming.

There are several types of soil in different Indian states, like black soil in Gujarat, which is good for growing cotton and soil in Kerala is good for producing rice, among others. The Green Revolution, which provided farmers with intensive agricultural initiatives, was one of the best things that ever occurred in the nation.

India of My Dreams Essay

I have the same aspirations for the future of my country as anybody else: I want India to be among the most developed and advanced countries in the world. A nation free from poverty, corruption, and a full literacy rate.

In the nation of my dreams, women are guarded against domestic violence, and there is no longer any hostility or violence directed against women. Equal opportunity for men and women in nation-building will contribute to the speedier growth and development of the nation.

Everyone has education access, and qualified applicants are given jobs. Crime and unlawful activity can be easily decreased in this way. In my ideal India, every aspect of the nation will be completely self-sufficient. I want India to have better scientific, agricultural, and technological advancements. The country's dry, uncultivated areas would be farmed to produce food grains. Here are some best things about India of my dream:

1. Women Empowerment

My biggest aim is the absolute liberation of women in all areas of life. I'm glad that women are becoming more empowered and capable of handling household duties. However, many things need to be done to empower women, such as eliminating female feticide and encouraging equality and safety in the workplace. There are still a lot of instances of physical assault and female feticide in rural India, putting women's lives at risk.

India of My Dreams Essay

It is important to remember that there are still many areas of India where patriarchy is prominent. Many positions are still closed to women. Along with the government and other citizens, women as a group should also normalize certain behaviours to alter people's and society's perspectives for things to change for the better. For instance, the delivery person who arrives at our door is typically a man everywhere.

So, women would be educated and skilled in my India of dreams, they will be free to follow their interests, and passions in order to build their future and attain a respectable space in society and home. Additionally, various reservations would be offered in employment or education to support women and promote greater involvement.

As of now, fortunately, the Indian government is working with NGOs and social organizations to improve the security and empowerment of women in India. I want women to live independent lives free from societal stigma in my nation.

2. Empowering Poor

Since India got independence, the middle class has been in the same position. The wealthy are getting richer while the underprivileged are getting poorer. The ideal situation for India shouldn't be this. Our nation and people will suffer more the wider this disparity becomes. The underprivileged are empowered, there is no hunger or poverty, and everyone has a nice roof over their heads in the India of my dreams.

Poor kids should attend school to gain the self-assurance they need to confront the world and lead fulfilling lives. There shouldn't be a wealth disparity between the rich and the poor. Each sector of society should receive a fair share of the national income. In my view, the only effective treatment to overcome the problem is socialism.

3. Advance Medical Facilities

The main goal of medical institutions should be to improve patient care and safeguard patients against illness and disease. All ages and socioeconomic groups should have access to quality medical care.

My India would have district hospitals fully equipped with the newest technology to avoid sending patients to big cities for care. The entire staff at the hospital would be competent and trained enough to handle any emergency.

4. Excellent Education Systems

The main element that can effectively aid in nation-building is education. Despite the government's numerous initiatives to advance education in the nation, many individuals are either uninformed or unaware that they exist.

So, there would no longer be any uneducated people living in the India of My Dreams; a 100% literacy rate will be achieved by providing education to everyone. We also know that everyone can find jobs to generate money if we create an education system that enables good education for everyone.

India of My Dreams Essay

5. Employment Opportunity

India is a nation with more than 100 crore people. Because there aren't enough jobs for everyone, this is the main cause of unemployment. Most individuals in the nation are educated, yet because of corruption, fierce competition, and numerous other factors; many people struggle to find suitable employment.

In addition, lower compensation and fewer chances in other sectors contribute to unemployment. Another significant problem is the reservation, which prevents good individuals from getting hired. Jobs will be offered in India of My Dreams based on merit, expertise, and abilities, regardless of race or ethnicity.

6. No Caste Discrimination

Caste prejudice has posed a significant barrier to Indian society's development since the country attained independence. Some people continue to experience caste discrimination in numerous villages around the nation. It is certainly shameful to watch how caste-related rights violations affect ordinary people. Thankfully, certain social groupings strongly aim to eliminate caste prejudice and give everyone an equal chance.

The key cause of caste prejudice, too, is the reservation. The deserving candidate, regardless of caste, must endure more hardship, while the undeserving candidates are easily admitted to India's best colleges. For their careers or higher education, students relocate abroad. They believe that India's educational system falls short of international standards. So, there would no caster discrimination in India of my dream.

7. No Corruption

India needs to get rid of corruption if it is to advance. One of the reasons the country, even after all these years, is unable to grow is because of corruption. You often have to pay extra for your work, regardless of how big or small it is. However, government laws are harsh on those who seek a bribe to accomplish the task. I foresee a nation where no one accepts payment to complete a task.

8. No Gender Inequality

Women are still seen as less than men in our country. Their social and economic standing is improper. They endure torture, domestic abuse, and dominance because they are not provided adequate protection.

Women should be free to pursue their rights and aspirations in the India of my dreams with full support and enthusiasm. They should be treated with respect and on par with males.

India of My Dreams Essay

9. Peaceful Society

The number of crimes in the nation is rising daily. People are committing crimes primarily due to improper education and work. To reduce crime, there should be rigorous regulations, fines, and other penalties like detention. Many organizations strive to build a peaceful society by teaching people fundamental information. I picture myself living in a tranquil nation where no one is harmed.

10. Good Infrastructure and Sanitation

I aspire to live in India, a country with good infrastructure and cleanliness. Numerous villages have poor sanitization and infrastructure. It is crucial to have good sanitation because it prevents villagers, especially women, from stepping outside and risking their health. The Indian government must address these challenges to guarantee that people receive proper sanitization and compensation.

The Indian armed forces ought to be supplied with cutting-edge equipment. The government of India should pay special attention to the three military branches, army, navy, and air force, as a nation's defence force is its most important component. So, in my India, the soldiers should be adequately equipped and trained, particularly those guarding borders.


The India of My Dreams ought to be a perfect nation, one that is growing and developing in all areas and in which I can be confident and live with pride.

I wish for a better life and everything our dream India offers for the upcoming generation. I want my country to be politically neutral and stable and for our democracy to function as well as it possibly can. Our life should be devoid of corruption in every aspect.

It is necessary to eliminate the gap between men and women and between the wealthy and the needy. Taxes should be imposed both practically and legally. Every citizen should work and behave so that the next generation will be proud of the country they were born in and that India will serve as an example for other nations. Every person should strive to promote India as a globally proud nation so that other nations might take inspiration from it.

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