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IntelliJ IDEA Code Editor Elements

Editor provides the elements which facilitate navigation in the code and identify their problems. This section discuss the visual elements of the editor and their most common actions. In the below screenshot we can see how the editor is divided -

IntelliJ IDEA Code Editor Elements

1. Editor Area

It is the main area where the developers spends most of the time to implement their logic and can also edit it later.

2. Gutter Area

The Gutter area is that area where different types of information about the code is shown. It provides an option to Run, Debug and Run application with coverage. Gutter area indicates the following information -

  • Line Number
  • Breakpoints
  • Ranges
  • Arrow pointing each other indicates the method Start and End position.

3. Smart Code Completion Popup

The smart code completion popup provides quick assistance to the developer in accordance with the current context of the code.

4. Document Tab Area

The Document tab area shows all the opened document tabs. Each document tab has different meaning and can be identified by the colors in the name of the file shows. These colors are Blue which indicates for "Modified", Green for "New", Red for "Not in VCS", and Black for "Not changed".

5. Marker Bar

The Marker bar shows the current status of the code. It highlights the status of the code with different colors. The Green color indicates for code is OK, Yellow is for Warnings and Red is for Compilation Errors.

6. Floating Icon

IntelliJ IDEA Code Editor Elements
  • The First Icon indicates the code modification. It covers only the warning corrections to improve our code. It doesn't tell to modify our code necessarily.
  • The second icon indicates the Intention action only. It doesn't provide any improvements or code modification.
  • The Third Icon indicates the quick fix action. It provides to correct an eminent code error.
  • The fourth icon indicates the alert action.

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