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IntelliJ IDEA Features

IntelliJ IDEA Features

Intellij has very rich features which help developers to develop their code in a rapid environment.

Some of the great features of IntelliJ IDEA are:

  • Smart Code Completion
  • On-The-Fly Code Analysis
  • Advanced Refactoring
  • Detecting Duplicates
  • Inspection and Quick Fixes
  • Shortcuts for Everything
  • Terminal
  • Navigation and Search
  • Tools and Frameworks Support
  • Application Server

Smart Code Completion

It is a set of techniques used to analyse the pieces of code to the developer. It supports context-based completion. It can detect and differentiate between big quantity of languages such as Java, JavaScript, Scala, SQL etc.

On-The-Fly Code Analysis

It helps to improve our code by identifying that an expression is valid or not and gives the compilation error if any. This feature will always analyse our source code regularly in the background which identifies the errors and provides possible improvements.

Advanced Refactoring

Refactoring process is a modification to the file. IntelliJ IDEA has a big range of refactoring option. It helps the developers to refactor his code faster and in a more secure manner. IntelliJ IDEA automatically suggests the refactoring. If it doesn't propose any refactoring option then we can select it from the refactor menu.

Detecting Duplicates

It helps to find the duplicate code fragments and provides the suggestion to the user.

Inspection and Quick Fixes

When IntelliJ IDEA detects a mistake, a little light bulb pops up in the editor. When you click it, it opens a list of actions which can take to make things right.

Shortcuts for Everything

IntelliJ IDEA provides a keyboard shortcuts for most of the things including rapid selection and switching between tool windows and the editor.


The IntelliJ IDEA IDE comes with a built-in terminal.

Depending on the platform, we can work with command line prompt, powershell, or bash. We can invoke the terminal by pressing Alt+F12 and execute any command without leaving the IDE.

Navigation and Search

It is one of the great characteristics of IntelliJ IDEA which helps in finding and navigating to a resource. It can search all the controls that exist in the IDE. In this, we can navigate to a declaration from a usage and to a usage from a declaration. It is also possible to find elements in places where we can?t find any search. In this, we can use a regular expression to find and replace method.

Tools and Frameworks Support

IntelliJ provides support for many different tools which helps in developing our application. It helps the developers to focus and reduce some reworks in the IDE. It supports a very advanced type of frameworks like Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Play, Grails etc. with the integration of different tools. It makes development very simple.

Application Server

IntelliJ IDEA supports many application servers. These servers are - Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, Glassfish, and many others. We can deploy our projects onto the application servers and debug that applications right from within the IDE.

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