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IntelliJ IDEA Plugins

A Plugin is a software which adds a specific feature to an existing application program. In IntelliJ IDEA, Plugins are the extension to its core functionalities. More plugins provide more features to our application but it is not good for perfomance. As more as plugins installed in the IDE, it reduces the performance of the IDE.

Plugin Installation

  1. Go to File-> Setting-> Plugins. Window screen open below.
  2. In this window we can see all the plugins installed in the IDE. We can enable or disable the checkbox in front of the required plugins.

IntelliJ IDEA Plugins

Categories of Plugins

In IntelliJ IDEA, plugins can be categorized into the following categories:

  1. Plugin Bundled. It comes with the IDE. They are installed and enabled by default.
  2. Plugin Repository. We can use this plugin repository by downloading and installing them separately.

Download and Install Repository Plugin

1. Go to File -> Setting -> Plugins. A window will open.

2. Click Install JetBrains Plugins or Browse Repository Button. New window will open.

IntelliJ IDEA Plugins

3. Right-click the required plugin and select Download and Install.

4. Confirmation dialog box opens, Install the selected plugin.

5. Close and then Restart IntelliJ IDE.

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