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IntelliJ IDEA Running Projects

IntelliJ IDEA have many ways to create configuration for running projects. The configuration options are:

  1. Create Temporary Configuration
  2. Create Permanent Configuration
  3. Share Configuration among users

Create Temporary Configuration

  1. Create Project
  2. Create Java Class
  3. Right click and select Run option
  4. Temporary configuration added on Run menu.

IntelliJ IDEA Running Projects

Create Permanent Configuration

When we save the Temporary configuration with IntelliJ, it can be converted into Permanent configuration. To save this configuration, click Save Configuration on Run menu. We can also edit this configuration according to our requirements.

Create New Configuration

We can also have an option to create a new configuration. To create new configuration do the following:

  1. Go to Run -> Edit Configuration
  2. Click on Green Plus Button. New configuration option will open
  3. Select Application from drop down list. Configure it according to our requirements.
  4. Click Ok button.

IntelliJ IDEA Running Projects

Share Configuration

To Share the Configuration do the following:

  1. Go to Run -> Edit Configuration
  2. Select Configuration Tab. Fill the details and click on the Share checkbox to the top right corner of the configuration window.
  3. Now our configuration will store on the disk.
  4. Configuration file will store with the .ipr file extension.

IntelliJ IDEA Running Projects

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