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Interjection Examples

There is one part of speech that is not like the verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, or the rest. However, they do not help you learn word relationships, and they serve no grammatical purpose. Do you want to learn more about this fascinating group of words? This article explains what interjection is and why they are so unique.

Interjection Examples

What exactly is an interjection?

A term, phrase, or statement that conveys emotion, meaning or feeling is referred to as an interjection. These expression words come before punctuation marks, which are usually, although not always, exclamation points. As an example:

Rats! My research article is overdue !

This expression word does not imply that there are rats in the area. Instead, it conveys disappointment and anger at missing a deadline.

Whoa, this view is incredible !

In this case, you're not saying "whoa" to pacify. It rather expresses surprise at how beautiful the vision is.

List Of Interjections

Hey Hurray Wow Brr Shh
Oops Bravo What Argh Oh dear
Ouch Umm Phew Yoo-hoo Oh my
Oh no Eww Boo Snap Jeez
Hey Yipee Orgh Bah Duh
Congrats Yay Whoa Alas Hey
Oh Eh Ah Zoinks Hush
Ahem Well Ahem Yum Bingo

Examples of Interjections

Here are some examples of Interjection:

  1. Lovely !
  2. Fantastic !
  3. Amazing !
  4. Fabulous !
  5. Superb !
  6. Wow !

Interjections can be nouns or noun phrases. To respond to a circumstance, nouns are used as interjections.

Here are some examples:

  1. Congrats !
  2. Score !
  3. Oh my goodness !
  4. Hey !
  5. Adieu !
Interjection Examples

Interjections can be made up of short clauses.

  1. What a nightmare !
  2. Major kudos !
  3. Oh, humankind !
  4. That is absolutely awful !
  5. You bet !
Interjection Examples

Interjections can be made with sounds.

  1. Ahhhhhh !
  2. Ugh !
  3. Grrr !
  4. Shoot !
  5. Eek !
  6. Eww !
  7. Whoa !

Sentences with Interjections

1. Ah> Expressions of delight, realization, or surprise .

Ah, I forgot Billy was out of the city for a few days .

2. Alas> An expression of sorrow, pity, or worry .

Alas, my financial state has deteriorated .

3. Dear> Used to express surprise, astonishment, or compassion .

Oh, dear! That sounds terrible .

4. Eh> Used to request that something be replicated or explained in order to induce agreement .

Eh! What was it? That doesn't make sense .

5. Er> Expressing apprehension .

Er, I'm not confident you have that one entitlement .

6. Hello> It is a way to greet .

Hello there, Steve! How are you doing currently ?

Let us have a look at some of the interjection examples in sentences ;

  1. Hoorah! Our team won the game .
  2. Congrats! You have a daughter .
  3. Oh! We had misplaced it .
  4. Yup! I called her up on her number today .
  5. Jesus! You rescued me from those criminals .
  6. Great! We can now begin with a clean slate .
  7. Hey! Get off the vehicle .
  8. Yeah, sure! You are correct .
  9. No! That's something I can't do .
  10. Indeed! I have a plan to get out of this mess .
  11. Hey! You are also present .
  12. What! I didn't know this. I am hearing this first time .
  13. Kudos! This time, the trophy is yours .
  14. Hello! Would you please notify me when you plan to leave the house ?
  15. Look! I will no longer be working for you .
  16. Listen! Later this evening, I have a special announcement to make .
  17. Yay! We took home the badge of the championship .
  18. Ouch! It's incredibly painful .
  19. Alas! His father died the day before yesterday .
  20. Yikes! There is a disgusting smell coming from the room .
  21. Yay! My exam is finally finished .
  22. Oops, I have given the wrong command .
  23. Ew, that is so smelly and dirty .
  24. No office for a week- Yipee !
  25. Shh! don't speak in between elders .
  26. Argh, that phone doesn't work properly .
  27. Aww, that baby is so cute and adorable .
  28. Yikes, this movie is really scary .
  29. Amazing, have you got the promotion ?
  30. Hey, give me a glass of water too .

With these interjection examples, you'll be a pro at this part of speech in no time. These words and phrases assure to elicit emotion and demonstrate cognitive thinking in conversation or informal writing.

Interjection Examples

When Should You Use Interjections?

Interjections are most commonly used in casual (everyday) speaking or writing. They are used in writings to showcase discussion in dialogue or narration. Interjections are, by definition, informal. As a consequence, informal language, they must be avoided. This implies they should not be used in formal or academic speech or writing.

Thus conclusively,

To summarize, here's an interjection :

  • it is a part of the speech .
  • it is always helpful in interrupting and interjection the language flow .
  • Mostly punctuated with an exclamation mark and can be any term/phrase .

Interjections can be useful, you know! Just a smidgeon of personality and feelings - and wham! Your writing becomes more interesting as a result. So use these for capturing (and keeping) your audience's attention.

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