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IoT Biometrics Domain

IoT plays a vital role in the Biometrics security system such as a fingerprint system, voice recognition system, eye scanner system etc.

Internet of Things (IoT) in Biometrics Domain

Now, a biometric system is something that we always encounter in our daily life. We always either use a fingerprint sensor or an eye-scanning system, depends on organization to organization.

Let's talk about the fingerprint scanner system and how these systems work. Now, when a person presents its finger on the fingerprint scanner it scans the fingerprint and considers this as part of an enrollment process. From this fingerprint template, the device extracts certain key features which make different from others and stores it into a database. After that, every time the same person place its finger on the top of this fingerprint scanner, it creates a template and compares this with all the templates that are present in the database. If it matches to correspondingly let's say giving that person an attendance or allows him to access a door, if it does not then it raises an alert.

This biometric system can be fingerprint or eye scanning or it could be a combination of both. Voice recognition system is also one of the key products in the biometric domain.

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