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IoT Ecosystem

The IoT ecosystem is not easy to define. It is also difficult to capture its proper image due to the vastness and emerging possibility and the rapidity with which it is expanding in the entire sector. However, the IoT ecosystem is a connection of various kind of devices that sense and analyze the data and communicates with each other over the networks.

In the IoT ecosystem, the user uses smart devices such as smartphones, tablet, sensors, etc. to send the command or request to devices for information over the networks. The device response and performs the command to send information back to the user through networks after analyzed.

The typical IoT ecosystem is shown in below image, where the smarter devices send and receive data from the devices themselves in the environment that are integrate over network and Cloud Computing.

IoT Ecosystem

The IoT is itself an ecosystem of network devices that transfer the data. It is also well interconnected with Big Data and Cloud Computing.

  • Sensing, Embedded processing, Connectivity: The IoT ecosystem senses its surrounding like temperature, gyroscope, pressure, etc. and make the embedded processing using devices. These devices are connected through any type of devices such as GPS, WiFi, RFID, etc. over the networks.
  • Smart devices and environment, Cloud Computing, Big Data: The data transfer or receive through smart devices and environments are communicated through Cloud Computing or others Servers and stored as Big Data.
  • Technology, Software, Application: The IoT ecosystem uses any of different technologies, software and application to communicate and connect with smart devices and environment.
  • Users or groups of community: The product or services generated by the IoT ecosystem are consumed by the users or the group of communities to serve the smart life.

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