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Embedded Devices (System) in (IoT)

It is essential to know about the embedded devices while learning the IoT or building the projects on IoT. The embedded devices are the objects that build the unique computing system. These systems may or may not connect to the Internet.

An embedded device system generally runs as a single application. However, these devices can connect through the internet connection, and able communicate through other network devices.

Embedded Devices (System) in Internet of Things (IoT)

Embedded System Hardware

The embedded system can be of type microcontroller or type microprocessor. Both of these types contain an integrated circuit (IC).

The essential component of the embedded system is a RISC family microcontroller like Motorola 68HC11, PIC 16F84, Atmel 8051 and many more. The most important factor that differentiates these microcontrollers with the microprocessor like 8085 is their internal read and writable memory. The essential embedded device components and system architecture are specified below.

Embedded Devices (System) in Internet of Things (IoT)

Fig: Basic Embedded System

Embedded System Software

The embedded system that uses the devices for the operating system is based on the language platform, mainly where the real-time operation would be performed. Manufacturers build embedded software in electronics, e.g., cars, telephones, modems, appliances, etc. The embedded system software can be as simple as lighting controls running using an 8-bit microcontroller. It can also be complicated software for missiles, process control systems, airplanes etc.

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