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IoT in Security Camera & Door Unlock System

The Security Camera and a Door unlock system is something that is quite interesting IoT application. The phenomena of its working process is briefly mentioned here.

IoT Security Camera & Door Unlock System

How does this system work?

Here, we place a camera on the top foot of the door which in turn clicks the photo of a person who comes into frame. Now, this photo is sent to an analytical system which in turn compares this with all the photos it possesses to identify whether to let the user open the door or not.

Now, if it does not find the photo of that person then it can notify the concern that a person is trying to access this door would you like to authorize this person? or would you like to deny the access to this person?

Usually, the Security Camera and a Door unlock system is used in the areas where you have highly sensitive information stored. Another usage of the security camera and door unlock system can be at our homes when we want to identify who comes to our home when we are not there and either decide to give them access to our home or not.

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