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IoT Smart Agriculture Domain

Another important domain for Iot is the agriculture domain where IoT system plays vital role for soil and crop monitoring and provides a proper solution accordingly.

Using smart farming through IoT technologies helps farmer to reduce waste generation and increase the productivity.

There are several IoT technologies available that work on agriculture domain. Some of them are:

  • Drones for field monitoring
  • Sensor for soil monitoring
  • Water pump for water sully
  • Machines for routine operation
IoT Smart Agriculture Domain

Smart Irrigation System

One of the parts of smart agriculture using IoT is smart irrigation system. In the smart irrigation system, IoT checks the moisture level in the environment or in the water lanes that the farmer has created.

Now, let's understand the working process of this smart irrigation system. Usually, the two main IoT devices that used here is the Arduino board and the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi becomes the main processing unit, and an Arduino board is placed from each of water channels. These Arduino boards themselves connect to multiple sensors which are part of this water channel so what these sensors check the moisture present in these lanes as such. So, let's say a specific lane does not meet the minimum required moisture then the Arduino board would send a signal to the Raspberry Pi. Again all these devices are connected on the same wireless router network, and the Raspberry Pi would identify the lack of moisture and pass a signal to the relay. The relay, in turn, would initiate the water pump and the water would be parked now to ensure that water is not wasted. The smart irrigation system would be a gate control system and only that gate will open where the moister is less. Once the sensors detect that the moisture level has gone beyond the required limit, it would again transmit another signal to the Raspberry Pi asking it to stop the pump as well. So, this helps a farmer to save a lot of water and also makes life quite easier as well. So, after this, the farmer only task is to either setting up new plans or creating new water channels.

IoT Smart Agriculture Domain
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