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What is the full form of IP

IP: Internet Protocol

IP stands for Internet Protocol which refers to the name or label given to every device that communicates through each other over a computer network. It consists of 32-bit number. IP address has two versions, IPv4 and IPv6. Both of them define IP address in a different way.

There are two reasons to use IP address. One, it is used as local address and second a device can be identified with its IP address by the host interface over a network.

IP full form

IP Address Can Be Static and Dynamic:

  • Static :A static IP address is permanent address which will never change and is assigned by an administrator.
  • Dynamic: A dynamic IP address device changes its IP address every time when accessing internet. It is assigned by the host software.


  • Unicast IP Address: It transforms information to a specific device over a network.
  • Broadcast IP Address: It is used to deliver information to all the computers on a given subnet at once.
  • Multicast IP Address: These are reserved IP addresses and used only for specific group.
  • Private IP Address: These are local addresses and one IP address can be used by more than one organization. It is absolutely free to use and can?t be routed over the network.
  • Public IP Address: They are unique and their duplication is not possible hence they need to be bought.
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