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The meaning of Iskcon is The International Society for Krishna Consciousness which is more popular as Iskcon. The society was established on 13th July 1966 in New York City, USA (United States of America).

This society belongs to the Hindu religion and is known for establishing Hindu temples across India as well as abroad. Society is devoted to Lord Krishna, so it is also known as Hare Krishna Movement. Iskcon temples have an immense role in spreading the tales and teachings of Lord Krishna.

It is a worldwide organization. Iskcon temples are spread across our country and in every city, the temples are one of the biggest centers of attraction for devotees of Lord Krishna.


Let's know more Iskcon society, their movements, history, architecture of Iskcon Temples, objectives, and core beliefs of ISKCON. In addition, don't miss the facts about the ISKCON Temples in the end:

History of ISKCON

Lord Krishna is worshipped as the supreme God and the source of all the Almighty's avatars, according to ISKCON theology. Radha is Krishna's feminine counterpart and the personification of pure love.

The ISKCON development intensely underlines lecturing. Within the year 1965, the celebrated emissary of the otherworldly lessons in India, His Divine Excellence A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada (1896-1977) carried the improvement empower and set up ISKCON inside the Unused York.

Let's have a see at the brief history of the ISKCON:

The ISKCON organization was established by Abhaya Caranaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami, in New York City, USA. It is established in the year 1966.

Abhaya Caranaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Ji is considered the spiritual mentor and guru of the Hare Krishna Society. ISKCON follows the Gaudiya Vaishnava convention, which has been drilled in India since the late 15th century. Gudiya Vaishnavism's major branch is ISKCON.

The Struggles of Srila Prabhupada

His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada departed Vrindavan in 1965 to propagate the message of Lord Krishna throughout the Western world. He arrived in Boston with a trunk full of Lord Krishna's books and only 40 rupees in his pocket after that. He struggled at first, but after a few days, people began to notice him. Some interested people joined him in his chanting, while others were increasingly concerned about his sacred goal.


Foundation of the Hare Krishna Society

Until 1966, he resided in New York City. He had been giving weekly lectures on the ancient Bhagavad Gita. He successfully launched ISKCON in New York City in 1966.

During the years 1966-1968, an increasing number of people joined the sacred mission. As a result, he established temples in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Montreal, and New Mexico, among other cities.

In San Francisco, the inaugural Rath-Yatra event was held. The Rath-Yatra festival is India's largest and oldest yearly celebration. However, devotees of the ISKCON now commemorate this Rath-Yatra celebration in several parts of the world.

One center turns into a worldwide organization

Several temples were built in Canada, Europe, Mexico, Africa, South America, and India between 1969 and 1973. In 1970, a supervisory committee was established to oversee society's overall development.

During the years 1970-1977, ISKCON established numerous significant pilgrimage centers and places in India, including Vrindavan and Mayapur. The same name was also given to Mumbai's largest temple.

Propagation of Vedic Culture and Krishna Bhakti

In 1972, Srila Prabhupada founded the BBT (Bhaktivedanta Book Trust), a publishing firm. They are now one of the largest publishers of Lord Krishna's literature in the modern era. Between 1966 and 1977, Srila Prabhupada translated nearly 40 volumes of Krishna Literatures from Sanskrit to English.

Srila Prabhupada's built up the Bhaktivedanta Book Believe. The book believes has been distributed books in over 50 dialects. They distributed Bhagavata Purana, Srimad Bhagavatam, Sri Caitanya Caritamrita, 9-Volumes of History and Educating Strategies of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and the 18-Volumes of Master Krishna's Incarnation's History, etc.

The architecture of ISKCON Temples

The architectural design of ISKCON Temples is unique and attractive. Most of the ISKCON temples represent as the symbol of Neo-Vedic, traditional and classic artwork. The walls and pillars of ISKCON temples are fulfilled by the tales of Lord Krishna. And every ISKCON Temple is decorated with the preaches of Lord Krishna.

The ISKCON temple of West Virginia, is the center of attraction for tourists. This temple is also known as the Taj of America.


Objectives of ISKCON

Most people believe that ISKCON is a foreign organization which is a lie. Iskcon was established to spread the Vedic culture and the messages of Bhagavad Gita around the world.

It is founded to lighten up the devotion for Krishna among people. They encourage people to the practices of Bhakti Yoga or Krishna Bhakti. The members of society surrender themselves in front of Lord Krishna, who is considered as the supreme energy.

Now ISKCON is not only working for serving Lord Krishna, but also they are serving humanity. The members and volunteers have been working for the welfare of society for a long time.

Significant efforts are done by ISKCON

Here, we are describing some most important efforts done by the ISKCON for the welfare of humanity:

  • Swami Bhaktivedanta translated the Hindu Scriptures texts such as the Bhagwat Gita, Chaitanya Charitamrita, and Srimad Bhagavatam in easy and several languages. Bhaktivedanta Swami propagated his writings to the West and also, described the significance of Vedic culture. These writings are now considered ISKCON scriptures and are available in a variety of languages.
  • Now, ISKCON is not only a religious organization, but also it is serving the various welfare of society. At present, Hundreds of temples, centers, and rural villages have been opened by ISKCON around the world in the previous 53 years.
  • In addition, ISKCON has opened hundreds of vegetation restaurants. The restaurants offer pure and Sattvik Along with that, there are various local meeting groups, and several community projects, such as free food distribution programs (Food for Life Project).
  • They too established the Bhaktivedanta Founded in 1973. It was established to support the Teachings of the Vedas and encourage people for research and self-exploration.
  • In 1976, they established the Bhaktivedanta Institute (BI), a scientific research department that promotes the study of the origins of life and nature using Vedic principles. For ISKCON, 1974 is a pivotal year. They began food aid operations in disaster zones around the world.
  • In November 1977, Srila Prabhupada abandoned his devotees. ISKCON now has approximately 10,000 members and 108 temples, educational communities, and centers.
  • During 1989, the entire 'Hare Krishna Movement' seemed like revolutionary shift in the former Soviet Union. As a result, by 1991, the country had sold roughly one million copies.
  • In the early 1990s, several internet projects such as,, and other Krishna websites were started. ISKCON now has more than 500 centers around the world.

Interesting Facts about the ISKCON Temples

Let's see a few interesting facts about the ISKCON organization:

  • ISKCON organization is also known as Hare Krishna Society which was established in 1966, in New York City, United States of America.
  • ISKCON was founded by C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The society was affiliated with Gaudiya Vaishnavism.
  • The ISKCON temple at Bangalore, India, is the largest ISKCON Temple across the world. There is also a 56 feet high gold-plated flag post.
  • ISKCON is a religious organization which spread over the world. The headquarter of ISKCON is in Mayapur, West Bengal, India.
  • ISKCON Temples are built on the Neo-Vedic and Classical Indian with a touch of modern elements.
  • The ISKCON Temple of Delhi is popular for not only its Architectural Design, but also Bhagwat Gita Animations, Ramayan Art Gallery, and Mahabharata Light and Sound Show are the center of attraction in tourist.
  • The holiest book of Hindus Bhagavad Gita, conceivably the biggest devout book ever printed, is additionally housed at the ISKCON sanctuary in Delhi. The book is about 800 kg in weight.
  • One of the Beatles' members, George Harrison, was a devotee of the Krishna Consciousness. He is thought to have contributed financially to the ISKCON temple in the United Kingdom.
  • Sometime recently renouncing common joys and taking the devout way, Abhaya Caranaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami, the author of ISKCON, was a family man who possessed a little pharmaceutical commerce.
  • On the western side, ISKCON is best known as the Hare Krishna movement, yet it is a monotheistic offshoot of the famed Gaudiya Vaishnava religious tradition. ISKCON primarily adheres to Lord Krishna's teachings.
  • Today, there are around 600 ISKCON Temples around the world.

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