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Jabra Elite 45h review: A Decent Pair of Headphones

If genuine earbuds that are wireless are receiving a lot of attention these days, the need for conventional, inexpensive on-ear headphones continues to grow. People may prefer headphones for various reasons, including better battery life, more straightforward and less unnecessary fitting, and a complete product package. The Jabra Elite 45h boasts some great features if you're in the market for a new set of wireless on-ear headphones.

Jabra Elite 45h review: A Decent Pair of Headphones

The Jabra Elite 45h is a cheap set of wireless headphones with a stated battery life of up to 50 hours - far longer than what other wireless headphones give. It is priced at Rs. 9,999 The Elite 45h offers comfort and Jabra's trademark clinical approach to sound and connection. In our review, you can learn how well these wireless headphones work.

Design and Construction

Jabra Elite 45h review: A Decent Pair of Headphones

With over-ear headphones, there is little room for elaborate design choices, especially if you want to keep the price low. So it is no surprise that the Elite 45h may best be defined as having a "practical" appearance. However, Jabra has been able to reduce the weight due to cost-cutting efforts, and at just 160g, the Elite 45h will feel manageable even if you keep them for a long time.

The plastics are thin, but they don't seem weak - and the Elite 45h don't move or complain when you adjust the headband or put them on your head. There doesn't appear to be any reason they cannot endure some everyday lack of care because everything seems perfectly put together and relatively durable.

Though getting the earcups to rest perfectly against your ears isn't as simple as it might be, the approximate nature of the fit allows the Elite 45h to leak more sound compared to what their closed-back design might imply. The earpads collect your ears' heat quickly, and are delighted to return them immediately. The headband, however, turns out to be comfortable for hours on end, despite seeming to be barely cushioned.

  • Lightweight and cozy
  • Buttons that are easy to use
  • Five finishes are available.


Jabra Elite 45h review: A Decent Pair of Headphones

The Jabra Elite 45h can operate for 50 hours without a charge. Furthermore, you don't need to play at a small volume to reach that goal. When listening at a reasonable volume, a single charge lasts 50 hours. Elite 45h can replay for 10 hours after a quick 15-minute charge, even if you were careless enough to let it run flat.

Bluetooth 5 is used for wireless communication; while it isn't the most recent technology available, it is still more than adequate for playing high-resolution digital music files. Once the data is on board, it is converted into music via 40mm dynamic speakers.


Jabra Elite 45h review: A Decent Pair of Headphones

Despite the high price, Jabra has spared no expense controlling the Elite 45h. A slider for power on/off and Bluetooth pairing, a three-button strip for volume up/down, skip forward/backward and play/pause, and a button to activate your preferred voice assistant are all found on the right earcup. A two-mic array is in the right earcup for managing telephone calls or giving commands. Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa are all accessible.

Even a control software, Jabra's exclusive "Sound+," is available. You may use it if your device runs iOS 11.2 or Android 7.0 (or later). The program has EQ presets, custom EQ adjustments, and even a listening test to determine the appropriate EQ settings for listening.

There are other, less attractive customization choices to let you customize your Jabra experience to what you like. By the standards of control applications for devices of this type, Sound+ is reliable and functional.


Jabra Elite 45h review: A Decent Pair of Headphones

The Elite 45h are unteachable in excitement; they get into a song, hold on for dear life, and don't let go for the slightest moment, pushing it ahead with a zeal that borders on impatience. They are forward-looking listeners who become more enthusiastic when the music's speed increases.

This characteristic is highlighted the louder you want to listen, and while the Sound+ app reduces the high-frequency response, it's not enough to soften the sharp boundaries of the Jabra onslaught.

The 45h are as energetic at the lowest frequency range, but the way the Jabras offer the bass stuff gives off the impression of being somewhat disinterested. Their hitting power or ability to dive deep is relatively easy, but they could be better at combining the low-end and midrange in a remarkably organic way. Although it occasionally comes from a separate set of headphones, the bass reproduction is highly detailed and reasonably credible, much like the high reproduction.

However, at the same time, this powerful sound feature truly shines. If you want to be reached by a musician, the 45h will be just up your alley because The Jabras tend to make a singer seem like they are giving it their all. The middle is presented here with the same level of information as the other frequencies but with a little more remarkable skill and refinement than either side. The Jabras seem more poised and less stressed than they would generally be since the soundstage has enough room for a singer to spread out fully.

  • Performance of the audio
  • Positive, energizing music
  • Control and attention to detail
  • Separated bass, aggressive treble


Despite having an MRP of Rs. 9,999, the Jabra Elite 45h is sometimes offered for less than Rs. 6,000. It is a decent pair of wireless headphones for the price, and it gets it right in terms of comfort, call quality, battery life, and, of course, sound. Although there are a few little problems here and there, these dependable headphones perform the job well and are reasonably priced.

It's also important to remember that you could spend even less money on a decent set of true wireless earbuds with noise-reduction technology, like the Oppo Enco W51 or Realme Buds Air Pro.

Pros and Cons


  • Big, well-balanced audio
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Helpful app


  • Sound leakage
  • Poor call quality
  • It can slightly warm your ears

Must I get the Jabra Elite 45h?

Purchase if...

  • You like a loud, forceful sound.There isn't a recording nearby, so they can't throw a rocket up, and the 45h sound is the exact meaning of "upfront" in terms of audio.
  • You want to utilize them constantly.If you want to use your headphones for days without charging them, look at the 50 hours from a single charge.

Don't purchase if...

  • On the train, you're seated right next to us.Despite closed support, the 45h are good at having sound entry and departure.
  • You desire a flawless listening experience.The Jabras may seem complicated to someone susceptible to treble frequency ranges.
  • You want to make a statement with your design.With the 45h, these small expenditures go a long way but don't include eye-catching performances.

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