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Java ConcurrentLinkedQueue toArray() Method

The toArray() method of ConcurrentLinkedQueue class returns an array containing all the elements present in the queue in no particular order.



  1. NA
  2. a ? this is the array in which the elements of the queue will be stored.

Type Parameters:

T ? this is the component type of the array to hold the collection.

Specified By:

The toArray() method of ConcurrentLinkedQueue class is specified by :

toArray() method in interface Collection<E>.


The toArray() method of ConcurrentLinkedQueue class is overridden by :

toArray() method in class AbstractCollection<E>.

Return Value:

The toArray() method returns an array that contains all the elements of this queue.


The toArray() method throws NullPointerException if the specified array is null.

Example 1

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Element  1: Reema
Element  2: Rahul
Element  3: Rita
Element  4: Ramesh

Example 2

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Error:(22, 25) java: bad operand types for binary operator '>'
  first type:  java.lang.Object
  second type: java.lang.Object

Operator '<' cannot be applied to java.lang.Object. If we do so, it will give you an error.

This example is the solution to the above described program.

Example 3

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Elements : 8 5 17 80 2 
Ascending order : 2 5 8 17 80 
Decending order : 80 17 8 5 2

Example 4

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Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
	at java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentLinkedQueue.toArray(
	at com.javaTpoint.ConcurrentLinkedQueueToArrayExample4.main(

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