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Java program to create a Circular Linked List of n nodes and display it in reverse order

In this program, we create a circular linked list, then traverse the list in the reverse order and print the nodes.


  • Define a Node class which represents a node in the list. It has two properties data and next which will point to the next node.
  • Define another class for creating the circular linked list and it has two nodes: head and tail. It has two methods: add(), display() and reverse().
  • add() will add a node to the list:
    • It first checks whether the head is null, then it will insert the node as the head.
    • Both head and tail will point to the newly added node.
    • If the head is not null, the new node will be the new tail, and new tail will point to head as it is a circular linked list.

a. display() will show all the nodes present in the list.

  • Define a new node 'current' that will point to the head.
  • Print till current will points to head again.
  • Current will point to the next node in the list in each iteration.

a. reverse() will print the circular linked list in reverse order.

  • This method checks whether next node to current is head which implies that, current is pointing to tail, then it will print the data of the tail node.
  • Recursively call reverse() by considering node next to current node and prints out all the nodes in reverse order starting from the tail.



Original List: 
1 2 3 4 5 6
Reversed List: 
6 5 4 3 2 1
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