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Java Program to determine whether one string is a rotation of another

In this program, we need to check whether a string is a rotation of another string or not.

Consider the above example, suppose we need to check whether string 2 is a rotation of string 1. To find this, we concatenate string 1 with string 1. Then, try to find the string 2 in concatenated string. If string 2 is present in concatenated string then, string 2 is rotation of string 1. String 2 deabc is found on the index 3 in concatenated string. So, deabc is rotation of abcde.


  • STEP 2: DEFINE String str1 = "abcde", str2 = "deabc"
  • STEP 3: IF length of str1 not equals to str2 then PRINT "No"
                  else go to STEP 4
  • STEP 4: CONCATENATE str1 with str1.
  • STEP 5: IF str2 present in str1 then PRINT "Yes" else PRINT "No".
  • STEP 6: END



Second string is a rotation of first string 
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