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Java Program to replace the spaces of a string with a specific character

In this program, we need to replace all the spaces present in the string with a specific character.

  1. String: Once in a blue moon
  2. String after replacing space with '-': Once-in-a-blue-moon

One of the approach to accomplish this is by iterating through the string to find spaces. If spaces are present, then assign specific character in that index. Other approach is to use a built-in function replace function to replace space with a specific character.

For programming, follow the algorithm given below:


  • STEP 2: String string = "Once in a blue moon".
  • STEP 3: char ch = '-'
  • STEP 4: String = string.replace(' ', ch)
  • STEP 5: PRINT "String after replacing spaces with given character:"
  • STEP 6: PRINT string.
  • STEP 7: END



String after replacing spaces with given character: 
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