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Java Timestamp class

Timestamp provides formatting and parsing operations to support JDBC escape syntax. It also adds the ability to hold the SQL TIMESTAMP fractional seconds value.


Methods Description
after() Returns Boolean value true if this Timestamp object comes later than given Timestamp object.
before() Returns Boolean value true if this Timestamp object comes earlier than given Timestamp object.
compareTo() Compares this Timestamp object to the given Timestamp object or to the given date object
equals() Returns a Boolean value true if this Timestamp object is equal specified object or to the given Timestamp object .
from() Obtains an instance of Timestamp from an Instant object
getNanos() Fetches the Timestamp object's nanos value
getTime() Returns the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT
hashCode() Returns a hash code value for this object
setNanos() Sets a nanos value for the specified integer value
setTime() Sets this class's object to indicate a point in time (milliseconds) after January 1, 1970 00:00:00 GMT
toInstant() Coverts the Timespan object to an Instant which represents the same point on the time-line as this Timestamp
toLocalDateTime() Converts this Timespan object to a LocalDateTime which represents the same date-time value as this Timestamp
toString() Converts the Timespan object in JDBC timestamp escape format
valueOf() Converts the string object to Timestamp value or obtains an instance of Timestamp from a LocalDateTime object.

Example 1

Test it Now


1. from() method will return 2018-09-06 12:42:53.885
2. value of Timestamp : 2018-09-01 09:01:15.0
3. Fractional seconds component : 0
4. Boolean value returned : true

Example 2

Test it Now


Timestamp : 2018-09-01 09:01:15.0
1. Milliseconds : 1535772675000
2. Hash code : -1825617187
3. Timestamp after setting nanos : 2018-09-01 09:01:15.000054647
4. Instant Timespan : 2018-09-01T03:31:15.000054647Z
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