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Java URL openConnection() Method

The openConnection() method of URL class opens the connection to specified URL and URLConnection instance that represents a connection to the remote object referred by the URL.

It should be noted that a URLConnection instance does not establish the actual network connection on the creation. This will happen only when calling URLConnection.connect().


The openConnection method is overloaded as given in the following table.

No. Method Description
1. URLConnection openConnection() Returns a URLConnection instance that represents a connection to the remote object referred to by the URL.
2. openConnection(Proxy proxy) throws IOException Same as openConnection(), except that the connection will be made through the specified proxy; Protocol handlers that do not support proxying will ignore the proxy parameter and make a normal connection.


The URLConnection linking to the URL.


IOException - if an I/O exception occurs.

Example 1

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The mime type is : text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
 The time out time of connection is : 0

Example 2

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