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JavaScript Date setMilliseconds() method

The JavaScript date setMilliseconds() method is used to set the milliseconds for a specified date on the basis of local time.


The setMilliseconds() method is represented by the following syntax:


msValue - It represents an integer value between 0 and 999, specifying the millisecond. If the provided millisecond value is greater than 999, the setMilliseconds() method increments the second value accordingly.

JavaScript Date setMilliseconds() method example

Here, we will understand setMilliseconds() method through various examples.

Example 1

Let's see an example to print current and updated second value.

Test it Now


Current millisecond : 750
Updated millisecond : 825 

Example 2

Let's see an example to update the second value of the given time.

Test it Now


Updated millisecond : 825
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