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Jayeshbhai Jordaar Review


Jayeshbhai Jordaar, starring Ranveer Singh, was released on May 13, 2022. Shalini Pandey made her acting debut with Ranveer Singh in the Hindi film industry with this movie. The film is directed by new writer-director Divyang Thakkar and produced by Maneesh Sharma, a homegrown producer at YRF. Ranveer Singh plays a Gujarati man in the comedic drama "Jayeshbhai Jordaar," set in Gujarat. In this movie, Ranveer plays Jayeshbhai, an unusual hero who fights for women's empowerment.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Review

Movie Cast

Jayeshbhai Jordaar's Real Characters Jayeshbhai Jordaar's Movie Characters
Ranveer Singh Jayeshbhai Patel/ Jayeshbhai Jordaar
Shalini Pandey Mudra Patel, Jayesh's wife
Boman Irani Pruthvish Patel, Jayesh's father
Ratna Pathak Shah Jashoda Patel, Jayesh's mother
Jia Vaidya Siddhi Patel, Jayesh's and Mudra's daughter
Puneet Isar Amar Tau
Deeksha Joshi Preeti, Jayesh's sister
Ragi Jani Sanjay Bhai, Jayesh's uncle
Jayeshbhai Jordaar Review


The educated Jayesh Patel, popularly known by his daughter as Jayeshbhai Jordaar resides in the made-up village of Pravingarh with his parents Pruthvish and Jashoda, his wife Mudra, who is expecting a child, and their younger daughter Siddhi. The parents hope for a boy so the child can carry on the family name and succeed in Jayesh as the Gujarati Sarpanch. At his routine doctor's appointment, Jayesh discovers that his second child is a girl.

A flashback reveals that Siddhi's birth was allowed to continue since she was the firstborn. Still, Mudra was compelled to abort six female fetuses in her womb over the following nine years because she could not produce a male child. However, Jayesh, who strongly favors gender equality, decides not to tell his family because he wants the kid to be born.

He planned to run away with Mudra and Siddhi to Laadopur, a fictional Haryana village where everyone is a man. One day, Jashoda sets up an appointment with a physician who can predict the gender of their unborn kid. In front of Jayesh's parents, who mistakenly think Mudra has kidnapped Jayesh for real, he carries out his plan.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Review

Movie Reviews from Different Platforms

  • NDTV Rating: Two and a half stars (out of 5)


It would have been a clear victory if Jayeshbhai Jordaar had followed the promise in the title's second word. It is nice to see a male lead in a Hindi film that does not think that he has to be a big-talking lout to be a man at a time when Bollywood is confronting a tsunami of loud, unapologetic, testosterone-driven heroes of the latest wave of Southern superhits.

The title character in Jayeshbhai Jordaar isn't a stud flaunting around the village, calling attention to himself all the time, as played with consistent brilliance by the energetic Ranveer Singh. He is the complete opposite. He can blend into the background with ease.

Despite Ranveer Singh's consistently accurate language and way, Jayeshbhai Jordaar lacks bite despite being meant to be a harsh mimicry of patriarchy and superstition. The first-time filmmaker Divyang Thakkar's screenplay, only occasionally succeeds in throwing blows that matter.

The sales of this Yash Raj Films film could be more consistent, which is its major flaw. It attempts to be humorous in one scene while addressing a grave problem, and then it becomes overly serious and lecturing in the next. The work of two screenwriters conflicts with one another.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Review

It is tricky to tell whether Jayeshbhai Jordaar is attempting to be illogical or is merely being excessively dramatic in the style of a typical Hindi stereotype. It fails when it shifts into the funny. Furthermore, even though most of them are used in the second half, the film's emotional themes lack the force to balance the darker sections.

  • Filmfare Rating: 3.0/5


The movie Jayeshbhai Jordaar speaks out against domestic violence, gender-based discrimination, and other related issues. It advocates for women's rights in a rural setting. A small town in Haryana is depicted as the perfect place for a woman to live since the males had sworn off masculinity and adopted the mantra "respect women." While it promotes many positive things, it has adopted a comedic tone to make these issues the center of attention. The concept is sound in theory?if you use a documentary style, you risk losing your audience?but the execution falls far short of expectations.

The director Divyang Thakkar showed great sympathy for women and their problems. He has tried to get across the idea that males, not women, are in charge of the infants' gender. He has also emphasized the need to end violence against women and the illegality of openly using sonography for sex determination. He makes the argument through an emotional moment that women should actively rebel and serve as a quiet support system for one another. Men act aggressively, and women submit to harassment quietly because they have been socialized for generations to do so. It's time for someone to stop the cycle right now.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Review

The lovable hero Divyang Patel has produced an inverse of toxic masculinity. Ranveer Singh typically plays masculine roles in films like Bajirao Mastani and Padmavat, so it's beautiful that he portrays a different type of warrior in this one?someone who fights for women's rights with a forgiving heart and folded hands. He does a fantastic job of portraying the sentimental, tender husband and parent. It's good to see him bringing his energy to this well-mannered middle-class hero because he hasn't portrayed a character of this kind before. Shalini Pandey, who was most recently seen as the title character in the cult Telugu movie Arjun Reddy, is excellent as an obedient wife who finds it impossible to rebel even with her husband by her side. She comes across as a natural in front of the camera and is sure to succeed. Jia Vaidya's acting is a firecracker, lighting up the screen. She accurately depicts Siddhi as a loudmouth child who loves her parents and helps in their escape. Being the great actors that they are, Boman Irani and Ratna Pathak Shah can play characters with negative overtones with ease.

Overall, watch Jayeshbhai Jordaar to understand the movie's message and to see Ranveer Singh shine in a role he has never played before.


The newest film from Yash Raj Films, Jayeshbhai Jordaar, could have done better at the box office. The Ranveer Singh movie failed to get the necessary increase on Saturday after a slow start on Friday. The movie's poor two-day earnings totaled seven crores after collecting four crores on Saturday. According to industry insiders, the movie could earn up to 12 crore rupees throughout the weekend but was expected to drop significantly after that, making break-even challenging to achieve.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar "showed growth in the 30% range on Saturday to collect around 3.75-4 crore net," according to a report in It could be better. The rise on Saturday was less than films like Runway 34 and Jersey, which also struggled to gain many gains on Sunday.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Review

Hit or Fail

The movie Jayeshbhai Jordaar ended up being a failure. It starred Irani as Pruthvish Patel, Singh's violent father and a supporter of female foeticide.

The comedy-drama, directed by Divyang Thakkar, a newcomer, and supported by Yash Raj Films, came out in April but failed to capitalize on positive reviews at the box office.

Irani told PTI that he finds it strange that many viewers are now discovering the movie on OTT and questioning why it didn't succeed in theatres before making his streaming debut with Disney+ Hotstar's Masoom.

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