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jBPM Core-Engine API

Core-Engine creates an API which we need to load processes and execute them.

This API allows us to first create a Knowledge Base which include all our process definition that needs to be executed by the Session. This session has a reference to the Knowledge Base.

jBPM Core-Engine API

To understand the jBPM Core-Engine API, we need to understand the following basic definition:

Knowledge Base

A Knowledge Base is a repository of all the relevant process definitions. It contains rules, processes, functions and type models. It always helps us to look up the processes definition whenever necessary. A Knowledge Base can be created only once and it can be changed dynamically.

The following code shows the creation of Knowledge Base:


A Knowledge Base contains a reference to the session. Whenever we want to start a process, we need to set up a session which is responsible for communication with the process engine. After setting up the session we are able to start the execution of our processes. Whenever a process starts executing, it creates an instance of that process and maintains the state of that process instance. A session can be created many times.

The following code shows the creation of Session:

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