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jBPM Introduction

What is jBPM?

jBPM stands for Java Business Process Management. It is a flexible business process management suite which is written in Java language. It is light-weight and fully open-source in nature. It allows us to create, deploy, execute and monitor business processes throughout their life cycle. It fills the gap between the business analysts and developers. It is distributed under the Apache license and was released under the ASL by the JBoss Company.

What is Business Process?

A Business Process is a set of activities which follows the number of steps in a specific order to fulfil the organizational goals. The order of these goals are depicted using a flowchart. These processes can significantly improve the visibility and agility of our business logic.

Every Business Process needs to be supported throughout their entire life-cycle. These life-cycle includes: authoring, deployment, process management & task lists and dashboards & reporting.

Here is a graphical flowchart example which helps you to understand the Business Process easily.

jbpm Introduction

The above process takes place in the following order:

  • First, the employees self-evaluate themselves and submit these self-evaluated report to their Project Manager.
  • Now, both the Project Manager and HR Manager evaluates their performance and provide a rating on that evaluation.
  • At last, the feedback will be provided to an employee.

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