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Jdbc New Features

The latest version of JDBC is 4.0 currently. Java has updated jdbc api to ease and simplify the coding to database interactivity.

Here, we are going to see the features included in Jdbc 3.0 and Jdbc 4.0.

Jdbc 3.0 Features

The important features of JDBC API 3.0 are as follows:

  • Jdbc RowSet We have done the great discussion on JdbcRowSet in the previous page.
  • Savepoint in transaction management Now you are able to create, rollback and release the savepoint by Connection.setSavepoint(), Connection.rollback(Savepoint svpt) and Connection.releaseSavepoint(Savepoint svpt) methods.
  • Statement and ResultSet Caching for Connection Pooling Now you are able to reuse the statement and result set because jdbc 3 provides you the facility of statement caching and result set caching.
  • Switching between Global and Local Transactions
  • Retrieval of auto generated keys Now you are able to get the auto generated keys by the method getGeneratedKeys().

Jdbc 4.0 Features

The important features of JDBC API 4.0 are given below:

  • Automatic Loading of Driver class You don't need to write Class.forName() now because it is loaded bydefault since jdbc4.
  • Subclasses of SQLException Jdbc 4 provides new subclasses of SQLException class for better readability and handling.
  • New methods There are many new methods introduced in Connection, PreparedStatement, CallableStatement, ResultSet etc.
  • Improved DataSource Now data source implementation is improved.
  • Event Handling support in Statement for Connection Pooling Now Connection Pooling can listen statement error and statement closing events.

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