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JFreeChart-Line Chart

A line chart is a series of points connected by a straight line segments. The information is shown through these connected lines. Line chart represents how data alters at equal time frequency.

The following images show some of the demo versions of line chart incorporated in JFreeChart library:

Line Chart Demo 1:

JFreeChart Line Chart Demo 1

Line Chart Demo 2:

JFreeChart Line Chart Demo 2

Line Chart Demo 3:

JFreeChart Line Chart Demo 3

Line Chart Demo 4:

JFreeChart Line Chart Demo 4

Line Chart example

Let us consider a sample data which shows a frequent traffic on our website

Date Total number of daily visitors
2016-12-19 200
2016-12-20 150
2016-12-21 100
2016-12-22 210
2016-12-23 240
2016-12-24 195
2016-12-25 245
Date Total number of unique visitors
2016-12-19 150
2016-12-20 130
2016-12-21 95
2016-12-22 195
2016-12-23 200
2016-12-24 180
2016-12-25 230

The following codes create a line chart from the above sample data:


JFreeChart bar Chart example

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