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What is the full form of JK Tyres

JK Tyres: Juggilal Kamlapat Ji Tyres

JK Tyre and Industries stands for Juggilal Kamlapat Ji Tyres & Industries Ltd. It is an Automobile Tyre, Tubes and Flaps manufacturing company. The name JK is taken from the initials of Kamlapatji (1884-1937) and his father Juggilal (1857-1922). It is a leading company in Truck/Bus Radial tire in India and offers the entire range of 4 wheeler radials for Trucks, Buses and Cars. JK Tyres & Industries belongs to J.K. Organisation (a group of companies). It is headquartered in New Delhi with registered office at Kankroli in Rajasthan. It has manufacturing plants at different locations in India as listed below:

  • Mysuru, Karnataka (3 Plants)
  • Banmore, Madhya Pradesh
  • Kankroli, Rajasthan
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Laksar, Uttarakhand
JK full form

Its vision is to be counted amongst the most admired companies in India, committed to excellence.


  • Value the customers: Customer first 24x7
  • To become a no. 1 Tyre Brand in India
  • To become a most profitable tyre company in India
  • Ensure enhanced value to all stakeholders
  • Increase global presence through Acquisition, Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships

Brief History

  • JK Tyre was incepted as a private limited company on 14 February, 1951 in West Bengal.
  • Until 31 March 1970, the company was engaged in agency business.
  • In February 1972, it obtained a letter of intent to initiate the manufacturing of automobile tyres and tubes.
  • Over the years, it diversified its business portfolio and became a multi product and multi location corporate entity. It started producing and selling tyres and tubes under the brand name 'JK Tyre'.
  • In 1997, it acquired Vikrant Tyres, Mysore.
  • In 2007, its name was changed from JK Industries Ltd to JK Tyre & Industries Ltd.
  • In 2008, it acquired Mexican tyre major, Tornel.


JK Tyres bagged various awards each year since its inception. Some of the awards are as follows:

  • Golden Peacock Environment Management Award by World Environment Foundation, Uk, 2007-09
  • ICWAI National Award for Excellence in Cost Management ? 2008
  • Recognised as Superbrand 2009-10
  • Hall of Fame ? Golden Steering Wheel 2010
  • Capexil 'Top' Export Award for the year 2008-09
  • Export Excellence Award 2009
  • TPM Excellence Award Category-A, 2010
  • Export Excellence Award 2010
  • National Award for Excellence in Energy Management, 2010
  • Gold Award from Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI), 2011-12
  • Kaizen Gold Award form CCQCFI, 2011-12
  • Greentech Safety Award ? 2012
  • Award of Excellence for Quality Circle (NCQC 2012) ? IIT Kanpur
  • Bagged one Gold and five Silver trophies in Kaizen competition organized by QCFI, 2012-13
  • Recognized as a Superbrand for the year 2013-14

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