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JMeter Features

Some of the most important features of JMeter are listed below:

  • Open source application: JMeter is a free open source application which facilitatesusers or developers to use thesource code for developmentof other applications.
  • User-friendly GUI: JMeter comes with simple and interactive GUI.
  • Support various testing approach: JMeter supports various testing approach like Load Testing, Distributed Testing, and Functional Testing, etc.
  • Platform independent: JMeter is written and developed using java, so it can run on any environment / workstation that accepts a Java virtual machine, for example - Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.
  • Support various server types: JMeter is highly extensible and capable to load the performance test in different server types:
    Database: JDBC, LDAP, JMS, and
    Mail: POP3.

  • Support multi-protocol: JMeter supports protocols such as HTTP, JDBC, LDAP, SOAP, JMS, and FTP.
  • Simulation: JMeter can simulate multiple users by using virtual users or unique users in order to generate heavy load against web application under test.
  • Framework: JMeter is a multi-threading framework which allows concurrent and simultaneous sampling of different functions by many or separate thread groups.
  • Remote distributed testing: JMeter has Master-Slave concept for distributed testing where master will distribute tests among all slaves and slaves will execute scripts against your server.
  • Test result visualization: Test results can be viewed in different formats like graph, table, tree, and report etc.

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