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Thread Group

As the name implies, thread group represents the group of threads JMeter will use during the test. Thread group elements are the beginning points of any test plan. The controls provided by a thread group allow you to:

  • Set the number of threads.
  • Set the ramp-up period.
  • Set the number of times to execute the test.

The steps to add a thread group in your test plan had been explained earlier in the Add/Remove test elements portion.

The following image shows the control panel portion of a thread group.

JMeter Thread Group

The Thread Group Control Panel includes:

  • Itsname.
  • Number of threads (the number of users you are testing).
  • Ramp-up time (how much time you want to allow the Thread Group to go from 0 to 3 users).
  • Loop count (How many times the test should be looped).
  • Scheduler checkbox (The checkbox at the bottom of the Thread Group panel is used to enable/disable extra fields in which you can enter the duration of test, the startup delay, the start and end times of the run).

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