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Joomla is a great platform to build almost any kind of website. It provides a lot of great tools in the admin panel. Once you have completed the installation of Joomla. You can start working to make a website of your own.

Before you start building your website, you have to log in to Joomla to access its admin panel. The admin panel is the area where all of the work for the website is completed. Every task from creating content to performing various maintenance tasks is available with just a click of the mouse.

In this article, we have defined how to access the admin panel and what to do if you forget the password.

Joomla Admin URL

By default, Joomla installs the admin panel, which can be accessed only through the URL: "". Here, you need to change the '' with your website domain or public IP address (localhost).

In other words, you are required to type the website address or localhost, followed by "/administrator" to access the Joomla admin area. It will provide the login screen which will look like the screenshot given below:

Joomla Login

Type your username and password and click on the "Log in" button to continue. If you have entered the correct credential details, you will be redirected into the admin panel, where you can perform the changes to your site.

Reset Joomla Admin Password

Sometimes, people create elaborate usernames and passwords to ensure security for their websites. Unfortunately, they forget the credential details and don't get access to the admin panel of the site. It's quite embarrassing when you create a site but can't make changes because of the wrong credentials. However, you can change or reset the username or password easily by following some steps. It is not difficult for resetting or retrieving the username or password with Joomla.

In the Joomla login screen, there are question mark signs next to both the username and password fields.

Joomla Login

If you click any of these icons, you will be redirected into the page where you have to enter the email address associated with your user account. If you enter the correct email address, you will receive the email with the instructions to reset your credentials.

Note: You must remember the email address registered with your account to reset your username or password.

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