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Joomla - User Settings

Joomla User Settings provide options to configure the settings for new users. They also include features that help in restricting new users from providing unwanted details.

Access User Settings in Joomla

Check out the following steps to access Joomla User Settings:

  • Navigate to the "System - Global Configuration" from the Joomla Taskbar.
Joomla User Settings
  • Click on the 'Users' tab from the left sidebar. You will get the following screen:
Joomla User Settings

There are several tabs and fields present on this page. By default, you will be redirected into "User Options" tab.

Following are the details of different fields present in the "User Options" tab.

Allow User Registration - If this feature is turned on, users will be able to register from the frontend of your site using the 'Create an Account' link available on the Login Module. By default, this option is set to 'No'.

New User Registration Group - This option is used to assign a default group for the new users when they register on the site. By default, the new registration group is set to 'Registered'.

Guest User Group - This option assigns a default group for guests who are not logged in. By default, it is set to 'Public'.

Send Password - If this option is turned 'On', then the first password will be emailed to the user as a part of registration.

New User Account Activation - This option is used to activate the user's account. There are three options for this setting:

  • None - User account will be activated instantly without any further action.
  • Self - Users will receive an email containing an activation link. User needs to click on the link to activate the account.
  • Administrator - User will receive an email with an activation link which should be clicked by the user. After that, the site admin will be notified via email and further activate the user's account.

Send Mail to Administrators - A notification email will be sent to the administrators if the 'New User Account Activation' option is set to 'None' or 'Self'.

Captcha - This option will allow the use of captcha for User Account Registration, and Username or User Password reminders.

Frontend User Parameters - This option is used to allow users to modify their language, editor, and help site preference from the frontend of the web site.

Frontend Language - This option is used to allow users to select a default site language when registering.

Change Username - This option is used to allow users to change their username when editing their profile.

Just like the 'User Options' tab, you can customize options in other tabs. It is suggested to try other tabs and fields to get a better understanding of advanced options that will help in configuring the settings for new users.

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