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What is the full form of JSF

JSF: JavaServer Faces

JSF stands for JavaServer Faces. It is a framework that helps you build user interfaces for JavaServer applications. It provides the standard set of tools for creating a user interface. These tools simplify the creation of Web applications, e.g. you don?t need to code a Web form in HTML; you can call a simple JSF function to generate the form. Similarly, another JSF function allows you to process data entered by the user. The JSF functions are processed on the server and the processed data is produced on client's browser as output.

Fullform Jsf

Prerequisite to use JSF

  • A Java runtime environment
  • The JSTL tags library
  • JSF Implementation
  • A web-container

JSF main features/advantages

  • It is based on the Model-View-Controller concept.
  • It has a stateful UI component model.
  • It supports the listeners on UI components.
  • It also supports the data validation, data binding, and data conversion between UI and the model.
  • It separates the display of the component from the functionality of the component.
  • It is a component-based Web framework that allows you develop applications quickly.
  • Many component libraries are available for JSF such as Primefaces, RichFaces, Primefaces, ICE Faces, MyFaces and Open faces.
  • It has inbuilt Template Layout Feature.
  • JSF 2 is provided with Facelets technology which is recommended for building JSF based web applications.

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