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What is the full form of JSON

JSON: JavaScript Object Notation

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a text-based data exchange format for structuring data. It is mainly used to exchange data between a server and web application. It is an alternative to XML for organizing data. It supports data structures like array and objects and the JSON documents are rapidly executed on the server.

Fullform Json

JSON is originated from JavaScript. It is based on the object notation of the JavaScript Language. The basic elements of JSON notation are as follows;

  • Objects
  • Object Members
  • Arrays
  • Values
  • Strings

JSON is independent of language, so it can be combined with many languages like C++, PHP, Perl, Rudy, and Python. It is basically a data format, so it is not limited to Ajax-style web applications and can be used whenever a web application needs to exchange or store information as text.

Features of JSON

  • Human-readable
  • Platform-independent
  • Simple and self-describing
  • Extensibility and Interoperability
  • Wide availability of implementations
  • Ideal data exchange format for Ajax-style web applications

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