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JSTL Formatting tags

The formatting tags provide support for message formatting, number and date formatting etc. The url for the formatting tags is and prefix is fmt.

The JSTL formatting tags are used for internationalized web sites to display and format text, the time, the date and numbers. The syntax used for including JSTL formatting library in your JSP is:

Formatting Tags Descriptions
fmt:parseNumber It is used to Parses the string representation of a currency, percentage or number.
fmt:timeZone It specifies a parsing action nested in its body or the time zone for any time formatting.
fmt:formatNumber It is used to format the numerical value with specific format or precision.
fmt:parseDate It parses the string representation of a time and date.
fmt:bundle It is used for creating the ResourceBundle objects which will be used by their tag body.
fmt:setTimeZone It stores the time zone inside a time zone configuration variable.
fmt:setBundle It loads the resource bundle and stores it in a bundle configuration variable or the named scoped variable.
fmt:message It display an internationalized message.
fmt:formatDate It formats the time and/or date using the supplied pattern and styles.
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