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Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal Reviews

Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal is an Indian-Tamil language Rom-Com (Romantic- Comedy) film. It is translated as Two Loves in a Breeze, directed by Vignesh Shivan. An unlucky man, Rambo's life changes when he falls in love in the movie. The main issue is that he develops feelings for two ladies rather than just one. The rest of the story focuses on Rambo's escape from this difficult situation and who, among the two, he finally gets settled with.

Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal was released in theatres on 28 April 2022. The primary cast's performance, particularly the performances by Vijay Sethupathi, Samantha, and Nayanthara, and the soundtrack, background music, and background score, earned positive reviews from reviewers and viewers. However, the screenplay or the narrative, climax, and length of the movie received negative reviews. The movie was a success and grossed over 70 crores (US$8.8 million) at the box office despite receiving negative to mixed reviews.

Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal Reviews

The Story of the Movie

Rambo falls in love with two women, named Kanmani Ganguly and Khatija Begum, at the same time. The feeling is mutual as both women love Rambo back, and any of them are not ready to sacrifice their love for one another.

Rambo is considered to bring bad luck with him wherever he goes. This is because Rambo is from a village that considers his family to be cursed. The curse is that anyone who gets married into his family will eventually be dead soon. To break the myth, Rambo's father gets married to Minah Kaif, who is a local school teacher, whereas his siblings, brothers, and sister remain unmarried. After the birth of his son, Rambo's father is extremely happy and names his son Ranjankudi Anbarasu Murugesa Boopathy Ohondhiran or Rambo.

Unfortunately, he accidentally falls from a tower and passes away while announcing the birth of his son. After some time, Minah, his wife, becomes paralyzed because of a stroke. Rambo's uncles, aunt, and everyone in the village believe that Rambo's birth has brought back the terrible luck his father fought so hard to avoid. Rambo adopts the belief that he attracts bad luck wherever he goes. He believes that his closeness to his mother causes her illness, so when she has a seizure in his presence, he runs from the village for good. He moves to the city, where he lives away from his family, but he still stays in touch with them.

Rambo works two jobs to make a living: during the day, he drives a cab, and at night he is a bouncer at a pub. Rambo meets Khatija there every night, and the two become friends. Rambo interferes and fights with Mohammed Mobi, Khatija's violent boyfriend, as he observed he slapped her one night. Khatija breaks up with Mobi and begins spending every evening with Rambo.

On the other hand, Kanmani is a saleswoman who also looks after her brother Bhargav, who is differently-abled, and her younger sister Minmini. She attempts to look for a husband who would let her continue to live with her siblings once they are married, but she fails to find that man. Rambo works as her cab driver during the day, and they get attracted to each other.

Over time, both women develop feelings for Rambo and simultaneously ask him to marry them. Rambo is shocked by the fact that two gorgeous women are interested in him, but he quickly realizes that only their love can change his terrible luck for the better, so he accepts both of their offers.

Rambo seeks advice from reality show host Prabhu because he doesn't know how to handle his two separate relationships. Prabhu has Rambo create a story about having a memory disorder that causes him to forget the day and nighttime events alternately. When Rambo discloses that he has both women's memories and is equally in love with each one of them, the plan turns into a complete failure. It is up to the women to give up their love for the other person. Kanmani and Khatija reject the option of sacrificing their love and continue to stick by their decision to marry Rambo.

All three of them start living together. Both women don't like each other at first, but they become friends after Khatija's father unexpectedly passes away. The two women kick Rambo out of the house after discovering that Rambo planned the performance with the help of his friend Arnold. Rambo's friend requests them to travel to the village for the last time to see Rambo's mother, who is extremely ill.

Rambo decides not to return to the village as he thinks that his presence would make his mother's situation even worse. His mother unexpectedly recovers when he forcefully goes to the village. All the villagers now start believing that Rambo's presence attracts good luck. The villagers beg both women to marry Rambo so that the family's curse can be broken and all of his aunts and uncles can be married. Finally, Kanmani and Khatija agree, and the villagers organize a wedding ceremony for Rambo and his entire family.

Khatija and Kanmani leave the wedding shortly after the rest of the family members are married, giving up their love for each other so the other can marry Rambo. A year later, the three of them meet, and Rambo claims that their bond is sufficient to break the curse. After the two women leave, Rambo surprises his neighbor by informing him that Katrina Kaif has begun texting him as his new lover. Rambo throws his phone and leaves while Katrina is still waiting online for him to text.

Cast Of the Movie

Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal Reviews
  • Vijay Sethupathi as Rambo (Ranjankudi Anbarasu Murugesa Boopathy Ohondhiran)
  • Vijay is portrayed as Rambo, the unlucky man who attracts bad luck wherever he goes. His father accidentally falls and dies, and his mother suffers from a stroke, paralyzing her. It is believed by the villagers that he brings bad luck or misfortune with him.

    • Nayanthara as Kanmani Ganguly

    Nayanthara is portrayed as Kanmani, who is a saleswoman who looks after her disabled brother, Bhargav, and her younger sister, Minmini. She is also searching for her better half, which will allow her to live with her siblings to take care of and look after them.

    • Samantha Ruth Prabhu as Khatija Begum

    Samantha is portrayed as a modern-women, Khatija who meets Rambo at the club. She has a boyfriend, but after the fight between Rambo and her boyfriend, she starts hanging out with Rambo and falls in love with him.

    • Prabhu as Himself, the game show host

    Prabhu is the show host who plots a story of memory disorder to help out Rambo manage the two different relationships.

    • Redin Kingsley as Arnold

    Arnold is Rambo's friend who helped him in the planning of the stage performance along with Prabhu, the show host.


    Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal is a wonderful idea that portrays a man's life who is believed to be unlucky. He's so unlucky that he has to run away from his hometown to save his mother, as she is seriously ill. Vignesh Shivan fails to display this idea in a more interesting way. Khatija was shown dressed as a modern woman, while Kanmani was shown dressed in traditional and ethnic wear.

    In Tamil cinema, the idea of falling in love with two people at once has been explored by actors like Rajinikanth and Mohan. A similar concept is covered in Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal by Vignesh Shivan in his own humorous and emotional way.

    Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal is very similar to other love triangle films that have been released in the past. The female lead in this movie is required to care for the hero and heal him, much like in all of Selvaraghavan's (an Indian film director) movies. In this movie, a man is watched over by not one but two women.

    It is Vijay Sethupathi, Samantha, and Nayanthara who keep the ship from sinking, thanks to their outstanding performances. The three actors were hilarious, and the comedy parts or sequences of the movie worked well. The plot is pretty predictable, and there don't seem to be any meaningful tensions between the scenarios.

    Overall, Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal is a one-time watch movie that can only be appreciated and enjoyed in small parts. Rambo's individual experiences with both women are pretty interesting, but when their worlds merge, the movie loses its energy and only sometimes manages to make the viewers laugh.

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